June 24 2005

Volume 33
Issue 25


Feb 10, 2016



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Lipstick and Lust
Pride, the weirdness of Seattle, and strange weather, all and none make for a gloriously proud Lipstick and Lust
Ohhh child, have I been lusting of late! Just about everybody looks good to this one these days, and let’s just say that a certain guitar playing ‘wild child’ has been thought of with great desire. ‘Nuff said there, eh? Right’ o! Anyway, the love life continues to be ho-hum, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been having fun (see my “ultimate chocolate sauce” later in this column!), and I’ll be sharing some of my more fun “finds” with you, since I just know all of you are getting ready to do it up big for Pride. But first, let me say that it is very telling of a town (and I do not disparage the Sex in Seattle ladies at all in mentioning this), when a “singles night” has folks you would rather cut your arm off than date, and folks bring their current lovers with them. Seattle, get over yourself and stop pretending you’re a fun city, you’re not. There, I’m through. But hey, if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Sex in Seattle, do go, as it is total fun and was so much of a hoot, I forgot that I was in the midst of a “singles desert” when I saw the show.

Anyway, just knowing that everyone wants to look their hottest for Pride (especially if you’re riding with the Dykes on Bikes, which I hope I might be if someone will allow me to sit on one of those hot bikes, oh yea!), here are some great make-up and other ideas you can use.

First, do try any of the delicious lip glosses geared just for this season by Wet ‘n Wild. I’m partial to the gold and the pink gloss, and I highly recommend this for lips that want to be kissed on Pride Sunday, heck, before. And if you want to smell as yummy, then I highly urge trying Keiko Mecher’s “Lou Koum” or Heve Leger’s signature fragrance, both of which I tried recently, after being given samples by Brian (when La Jennifer wasn’t there, unfortunately), at Nordstom, downtown. The lipgloss you can pick up at just about any Bartells, or if you really want some good stuff, wander in to Sally’s Beauty Supply, where I picked up two very sexy nail laquers, and got one free. I’m wearing the coolest red even as I type this! You can also get great eye pencils in a variety of colors and ze best lipgloss outside of that Sephora carries.

And great new for everyone who loves tea, and needs some new tea accessories, like strainers, teapots, and some of the best tea in town, The Tea Suite is open for business! Open 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday (for now), the shop will be serving samples of tea, and full cups to those who drop by and eventually there will be tarot readings being done by yours truly. I tried the Red Rooibos tea and fell in instant love, so go by, say hi and take home some tea to soothe your nerves before Pride, or after it’s all over the week after. Your soul will thank you!

Also, if you haven’t chanced by The Square Room to get some candles, or other household items, do wander in and check out their newest art exhibit by metal sculptress Julia Peerson. These are the coolest pieces and you’ll wish you were a millionaire, because I know you’ll want to take the metal dress hanging in the front area, home. I know I did. And don’t leave the store without one of Periel Aschenbrand’s anti-Bush tee-shirts. Just the thing to march in on Pride Sunday (unless you’re going topless, as yours truly is really considering doing). Also, if you still don’t have something really outstanding to wear, do go by It’s Always Something, one of several thrift stores on 11th, just down the street and around the corner from our offices on 12th Ave., here at SGN.

I was on a shopping expedition recently (and actually had some cash in these, my days of financial duress), and though I was on my way to “Backstage Thrift” (another time, guys, I promise), something pulled me into It’s Always Something, and I’m glad I went, because I now have this very cool pair of nearly new pumps. Still breaking them in, but they looked really good on me when I attended the opening night of Circus Contraption’s Travelling Dime Museum (which inspired this month’s newest “lust snippet”), and I’ll definitely be wearing them again. In fact, I’m going back to see if I can find something really super to wear on Pride Sunday, since I might actually have a “Lipstick and Lust” car in la parade. Stay tuned for more on that.



So, the sauce recipe. Here’s how it all happened. Que, the coolest naturopath in town (does your doctor sing while treating you? No? There you go then!) mentioned that she’d found this recipe for pasta from the 1600’s and the sauce had chocolate in it. Well, being the cooking goddess that I am, I became intrigued, and following the “advice” of “an inner guide” I whipped up what I think might be a good facsimile of said sauce and here it is.

First, start with a really good dark chocolate (I used Ghiarardelli’s bittersweet baking chocolate), then put aside two squares. Don’t use more (even though I did), or the sauce will be a bit bitter. Mix together one whole small mango, (the yellow ones), chopped into one inch pieces, at least five large strawberries, sliced, then chopped, one quarter cup of chopped onion, two garlic cloves, three chopped sprigs of fresh parsley, and add one chopped, and cooked red potato (more if you’re cooking for a crowd).

Saute all ingredients in separate sauce pan, then melt the chocolate until it’s all gooey, but be sure it doesn’t get too grainy. Put everything together, and add salt, pepper, two pinches of Hungarian paprika, plain rice milk (enough to turn everything into a sauce) and add one or two chopped Roma tomatoes. Cook over low heat, boiling down twice, until everything is all “married” well (Oh, I forgot, toss in one half of an avocado, chopped into one inch pieces and you’ll know the sauce is done when it’s green from the avocado, thus assuring you the avocado is liquid). Add more rice mile, or water if it’s starting to cook too low, stir, let cool a bit, and serve over spaghetti squash or couscous. Bon apetit!

So, none of you sent in poetry, and though I love writing my own, I decided to momentarily slip a little “smut” in for this, our Pride issue. After all, why are we Dykes, Lesbians, Bisexual women (or non-labeled like your truly)? Because we love women, and we love being sexual with other women and we love reading about, seeing in movies or seeing on television (not nearly enough there, but hey, we take what there is and wallow in it gleefully). Thus, this issue’s “smut” sample. Enjoy, and grrrlz, I’m still hoping some of you will step up to the plate and submit.


It was that little strip of cloth, swinging over Lara’s head, back and forth, back and forth, so revealing, so tempting, so aching to be touched. That started it all. And now, here she half-stood, half-crouched in the women’s bathroom, on a naval base that had become the city’s coolest art venue, with her hand in the ‘cookie jar’. And ohhh, it was getting warm down there, as she thought of the aerialist, and that space between her legs, barely covered by that little strip of cloth.

Lara thought of how the pretty, buxom Missy would smell there, how she would taste and a little moan escaped her mouth before she knew it.

“Hey, who’s in there, and what’s going on over there?” A female voice said from the other stall. Lara froze, almost as afraid of being caught as she was turned on.

“Nobody but us..but us…hey you just mind your own beeswax, missy!” A giggle and the sound of approaching heels made Lara’s head spin.

“Missy, huh? Well, ‘Missy’, why don’t you open up, so I can see what all the excitement’s about in there.”

Another giggle and Lara felt her hand tingle, caught in a situation so vexing and yet so tantalizing.

“Well, if you promise not to tell.”

She pulled her hand out of her panties and slowly opened the stall door, to see standing before her, the other aerialist, who was also one of the “hootchie dancers.”

“So, getting some self-action eh? Well, hope you don’t mind an audience, go on, get back to it honey, I don’t have all day here.”

And with that barest of invitations, Lara went back to her business, even more turned on knowing the eyes of the dancer/aerialist watched her.

“Here, let me help,” and another hand joined Lara’s own, taking her into a pleasure she’d never dreamed of and then both of their mouths met, as hands worked, and tongues licked each other, and then both nearly growled as everything went warm, wet and joyous.

“Th…thanks, I guess.”

“No prob. See ya back at the show, little ‘Missy’.”

And with a giggle and one more lingering kiss, the dancer/aerialist was gone, leaving Lara happy, squishy and ready for the next act of the show.

There, my little chocolate croissants, and here’s hoping some of you visit Toys in Babeland, buy some new sex toys (I might buy one myself, since the old one is starting to act up, and there’s no real lover on the horizon yet). And enjoy this month’s “Ms. Lickable,” who works at my fave toy shop.

Happy Pride and see you at the Dyke March and at the Pride parade. And in case you haven’t decided who to march with yet, Radical Women is having a contingent at both events, so there’ll be some rowdy, political women happy for you to join their group. E-mail me at, no spam you nutjobs!
Meet a sex-positive, proud Ms. Lickable for Pride Month
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Where did the time go? Already it’s a week away from the Pride Parade and Rally (short name for the long name they’re calling it this year), and I’m getting all psyched to march, hang out and flirt with sweet, hot babes, like the one who waited on me and my friend, Vernesta, at Crave last weekend. Oh, honey, say you’re at least Bi and single! Anyway, to keep you busy and get you in the mood, welcome this month’s Ms. Lickable, Alicia Guinn.

L&L: Are you from Seattle, if not then where from?

AG: I grew up all around the Northwest, mostly in Vancouver, Eugene, Oregon and North Idaho.

L&L: What’s your sexual preference, Lesbian, Bi, or would you call yourself a Dyke (like yours truly does when she uses a label!)

AG: My sexual preference is for great sex..wherever I can get it (hoo yeah, I hear ya!). I identify as a Bi-grrl, and I’m currently in a committed, no-monogamous relationship with a sweet, feminist boy. (Hey, I’m available, if your dance ticket is still partially open!)

L&L: What do you do for Pride every year to make it personal and sex positive and special for you?

AG: Every year I march in the parade , spreading sex-positive love, with my sexy friends/co-workers from Toys in Babeland. After getting up early to prepare for the parade, marching and working five-six hours in the shop, I’m too exhausted for anything other than a foot rub and a hot bath!

L&L: Every one of my straight friends still ask (the ones who don’t know me very well, anyway): “Why do you guys still need to march?” What would you say to that question?

AG: Asking Queer folks to give up Pride is like asking the Irish to give up St. Patrick’s Day. Pride is a cultural celebration. It’s an opportunity for everyone to express themselves without shame and without pressure to ‘fit in’ with mainstream culture. For a lot of us, Pride is a freeing experience, especially for folks who come from or currently live in rural areas. It’s important to remember that being Queer? outside of Capitol Hill and other progressive areas is not easy.

L&L: Have your straight friends been to Pride?

AQ: I know a lot of straight folks who are very supportive of Pride. Some of them march in the parade with me and many others have come out to just to enjoy the revelry.

L&L: Advice for anyone coming into the place you work, if it’s their first time?

AQ: Relax! A lot of people are nervous or even frightened to walk into a sex shop for the first time. Most first-timers walk through the door full of adrenaline. Give yourself some time to chill out and look around, check out the books if that makes you calmer. Then collect your thoughts, and ask us some questions. It’s our job to be friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. If you don’t know how to start asking questions, it’s okay to tell us that too. We’re happy to give you a brief store tour and tell you about the world of sex toys in stock. We answer questions about sex and sex toys all day long, so we’re a great community resource. We’ve heard everything, so don’t be afraid that your question is weird or freaky! (See it’s really easy, so what ya waitin’ for? Go see her already!)

L&L: Tell something about where you work, what you like about it and how it is or was difficult, now or at first?

AQ: I’m really blessed to work at a place that is full to the brim with sexy, fierce women. As a community, we support each other in all our explorations and adventures, sexual or otherwise. We’re honest with each other, and we talk about everything from menstrual cramps to favorite sex toys. It radically changes everything when you have a community of friends that talks openly about sex and don’t make judgements about your likes and dislikes.

L&L: One sentence that sums up what you’re proud of this year?

AQ: I’m intensely proud of everyone out there who is still working against the Bush agenda (and aren’t we all doing that, or if not, we should be!), whether you’re against the war, campaigning for marriage rights (for all of us!) or speaking up in favor of comprehensive sex ed and reproductive rights or fighting to get military recruiters out of schools, I’m proud of all of you and of us. (And so am I!)

So, there you are, and another thing we could all be proud of, is if we stop the city from tearing down Galbraith House, a facility some folks at the Madison Market Co-Op (and others) are trying to get listed as a historical landmark, so it’s not on the chopping block, like so many other grand buildings in this city. I promise to keep you posted on this, and in the meantime, stop by Madison Market and ask what you can do.

For now, buhbye and have a great Pride celebration!

Simon Sheppard

Glenn Pressel

Madelyn Arnold

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