July 1, 2005

Volume 33
Issue 26


Feb 13, 2016



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Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Ah, the delight, the wonder, the sheer gratified, happy joy of kissing another woman. Add to that the fact that (1. She has red hair and looked fantastic in that cream-colored cami she was wearing, and (2. That it was in the middle of the Pride march and the Pride rally, and you can see why the face is carrying the biggest smile it’s had in some time. Oh yeah! Thank you, whatever Goddess I was praying to on Saturday night for the blessing of La Femme Pride Redhead (who I definitely will be connecting with again soon!). Hrrmph…well, for the rest of the story, the cosmetic story, read on.

If you haven’t had as luck a time with romance lately, I highly recommend trying Kenzo’s “Summer Eau de Parfum.” That’s what I was wearing when my licks locked with La Femme Redhead at last weekend’s Pride celebration. Light and not too florally, this one’s perfect for that summer we’re all waiting to enjoy. Also try Ralph Lauren’s “Cool,” which is pink and light, also and a great other bet for summer yumming whether you’re looking for love or just want to feel special with a new hook-up, (Hey, I saw a lot of you out there putting on some tight raps last weekend so I just know there must be some new couples now!). Or spritz some on when just want to feel special, period!

Also, I did manage to keep a couple of the samples La Jennifer (ohhh, the hug she gave me the last time I was Nordstrom set my little heart aflutter, and my mind spinning!) hooked me up with to give y’all during the Pride festivities that took place at the Wildrose last Friday. Two I tried were Bocia’s “Soothing Cleansing Crème” (which is very soft but very thorough in removing make-up when the party’s over), and Yves St. Laurent’s “Teint Parfait Complexion Enhancer” (which makes perfection even better, or makes an imperfect complexion grand). Try them, try them, try them, and just see if you too don’t get some “ak-shon.”

I also visited the newly opened Tea Suite last week for some encouragement to get me out of writer’s block, and to try some of the delicious hibiscus tea mix that Naina generally has on hand. It tastes great cold. I realized, after one of you dear readers called, that I neglected to tell you where this marvelous place is located. Well, the SGN offices are located at 1605 12th Ave. at 12th and Pine, and The Tea Suite is too, but it’s the first business you run into when you come into the building entrance. She’s open Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. If you’re not in a hurry, Naina’s more than happy to explain why Red Rooibos tea is better for you and has more anti-oxidants than green tea, as well as what tea might work for whatever ails you. There’s also a great selection of straw baskets from Viet Nam, and tea pots, as well as incense and handmade little pouches you can use as purses or to keep little items or cards safe and dry. A place you should definitely put on your venue this upcoming weekend, being that exploding firecrackers can really give you a bad case of grumpies after the 4th has passed, or before it’s come.

Also, something to mark on your calendars: Socialist Feminist candidate Linda Averill (one of Metro’s better and nicer drivers) for Seattle City Council Position 4 will be available to take questions on her platform and upcoming campaign at a house party. The party will be held July 21 at 6:30 p.m. There will be a delicious dinner with a vegetarian option served, and this is available for a donation of a mere $6.50. Hey, you can’t see a decent film for that amount, so why not put it toward a worthy cause and have some good food while you’re at it? For more information, call Linda’s campaign office at (206) 722-6057.

And finally it must be mentioned that though the party at a friend’s building after Pride was a huge success, a monkey wrench was thrown into it by those “lovely” folks at Seattle Housing Authority (who owns said building) because of a temporary crisis. The crisis came when the one working elevator in the highrise building “went down”( how I do remember this situation from my old digs in Helltown—Belltown to the uninitiated), thus stranding the Pride partiers downstairs, including an 80-year-old woman. SHA, dahlings, don’t you think it’s time you used some of that sizeable income you’ve been given to keep your elevators from ruining what little fun your Queerfolk can have in your buildings? Let’s all say a big, “Yessiree, Bob!” on that one.

Oh, and though Red Sky Poetry Theatre is going on hiatus for the summer (so all of you can start writing that great poetry we’ll be dying to hear in September), their hosts, The Globe Café, will still be open for business. And I speak for those among us who try not to eat meat (but occasionally do), and those who are truly vegan (you have my great admiration) this is a place you must visit. The cake is to die for, the pie is divine (at least the apple I had was, and the berry looked good, but I was a little strapped for cash that time, so…) and the coffee is far better than my fave 7-11 up the hill. In short, this place is a great place to go for a healthy gnosh, and especially for a breakfast out. They’re open six days a week, and only until 3:00 p.m. during the week (if these hours change, I’ll let you know, bet on it!). The staff is friendly and some of them are totally hot. Located at 14th and Pine, it’s somewhere you need to make a special point to go and visit, soon.

And, since I still haven’t received any submissions from you slacking Dyke poets (what, do I have to get my whip out or what?!), once more I offer a snippet of “smut” that’s sure to get your blood racing. Hopefully it’ll inspire some of you to send some poetry in so I can concentrate my talent on the play I’m trying to write. Enjoy, you little minxes you.

Loli watched the girl in the white thigh-high stockings dance on the platform all by herself and as she watched, the hunger, that defining line between her and…the others in the room, thumped in her veins. As Loli took another drag on the cigarette she’d taken from her last “friend,” a new dancer joined those on the platform and bumped the girl to the side roughly. There was a moment of indecision, then the girl left the stage, headed for the back area of the bar, and with her keener senses, Loli knew the girl was hurt, knew this had happened many times before, knew what she needed and followed, her pulse quickening with each step.

The girl, who Loli could now see was very pretty, a sweet little femme, with an edge of butch in her short faux hawk blonde hair, was dabbing at her eyes with a piece of toilet paper. As she looked into the mirror to check her lipstick she noticed Loli standing there and jumped.

“I didn’t see you or hear you come in….” Her voice trailed off and she continued repairing the damage done to her makeup by her crying.

“You wouldn’t have, but you’re glad I’m here, yes?”

“Depends. Can you make my life better, right now, tonight?”

Loli stepped forward, her high heels clicking on the bathroom floor. “You want forever? You want to know what death is like, for real, to know why you love darkness?”

She felt the girl’s fear, could also smell her excitement, the tang that sprung from between her legs, unbidden, but unable to be controlled.

Loli took the opportunity and fed it more rope. “Let me taste you there...don’t be afraid.…”

Loli’s tongue caressed the girl’s soft neck, drew a line around to her full, red mouth, which opened to receive her kiss, which was deep, an invitation to so much more.

“Uh…I…I should go now.”

Loli held the girl with a strength only her kind had and she felt the girl at first resist, then submit to her. And with a primal rush of desire and hunger, Loli grabbed the girl by her short hair, her long, thin fingers digging in and pulling from the girl a little gasp of pain.

“Now, now, no crying little one, I will give you so much…pleasure….”

Loli’s hands wandered under the girl’s short dress, found that sweet, flowering spot between her legs and rubbed, at first slow and soft, then harder, more demanding.

“What’s your name, sweet one?” Loli asked, beginning to nibble on the girl’s exposed neck, feeling the heartbeat, the breathing indicating a rising urgency.


Loli laughed and said the name aloud, adding the reactions.

“Kiantha ‘oh hmmm.” Interesting name.” Her hand worked now inside the girl’s panties and her fingers delighted in the wetness she found there. Ah, here it was, what she needed, that special fluid, that liquid that slaked her hunger, but only partially. Loli’s mouth covered Kiantha’s and she felt hands pull her closer, as the urgency between them built, built, until at the last moment, Loli pulled away, bit deeply into Kiantha’s neck, drank deeply, then pulled back feeling the shivering that signalled satisfaction.

“Ahhhhhhh….” Kiantha let out a long sigh and leaned backward on the facebowl below the mirror where she’d been fixing her make-up when Loli first entered.

“Hmmmm, you taste like apples and sunlight,” Loli said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and savoring the taste. She shivered a little herself, then hugged Kiantha to her breasts, enjoying the warmth there. “I won’t forget you, and thanks.…”

Her sentence went unfinished as she watched in astonishment as the woman who’d so pleasured her, simply turned to smoke and vanished, leaving the words, “No, you won’t, Kiantha.…” in a velvet whisper before she was gone. Kiantha rubbed her neck and smiled, knowing she’d see her again.

There, my sweet and sexy sirens, enjoy the rest of your summer days and e-mail me your thoughts and (hopefully your poetry!) to, but no spam, okay you nutcases? Thanks.

Hugo Overjero
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