July 29, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 30

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Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star author Rich Merritt visits Seattle
Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star author Rich Merritt visits Seattle
Barnes & Noble at Pacific Place

Tuesday, August 2 at Noon

Reading and Signing

Bailey/Coy Book Company

Wednesday, August 3 at 7:00 p.m.

Reading and Signing

On the surface, Marine officer Rich Merritt was the epitome of the all-American boy-a good son, southern gentleman and a graduate of the Christian fundamentalist Bob Jones University. In fact, he was actually a young Gay man living a dangerous lifestyle, and even appearing in Gay porn films. Merritt's secret life was thrust into the spotlight when, after appearing anonymously in a New York Times Magazine cover story about the military's policy towards homosexuals, The Advocate outed him as "The Marine Who Did Gay Porn." His new book Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star is now available from Kensington Books.

In Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star, Merritt reveals how a boy who never listened to pop music, never cursed, and didn't have his first drink until age 18 exploded into a life of drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, prostitution, and pornography. With humor, compassion, and insight, Merritt shares the naked truth:

o growing up in a "Fortress of Fundamentalism" and how he ultimately came to question what he'd been taught,

o the harsh realities of military life under President Clinton's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy,

o working in the male porn industry-the good, the bad, and the extremely hot,

o why he chose not to reveal his porn past to the journalist from The New York Times,

o and what it was like to be the most notorious Marine in the world, and how he regrouped and moved on with his life.

Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star has already received praise from Village Voice writer Michael Musto, who says "Merritt's had an amazing ride, and his memoir rivetingly takes us along with it, tying together his disparate roles-good Christian, porn star, military Gay-with saucy wisdom. You couldn't make this stuff up!"

Rich Merritt's story is one of self-forgiveness and identity, and of refusing to allow oneself to be defined by others' standards. Today, Merritt lives in Atlanta.


With "Bossy" and "Aunt Ronnie" at a Los Angeles pool party fundraiser for the Service Members' Legal Defense Network in June 2000. Photo courtesy of
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