July 29, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 30

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Billy Corgan brings the magic of diversity to the Moore
Billy Corgan brings the magic of diversity to the Moore
by Melissa Baron - Special to the SGN

Billy Corgan

July 18 @ the Moore Theatre

Billy Corgan attracted the most diverse crowd I've ever seen at a concert in my entire life. There were old school grungers, hipsters, punks and parents. There were people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and clothing. In front of me were a couple in all black, makeup included, behind me were a couple that could have been my parents, to my right, a group of party girls and to my left, some hipsters in Weezer glasses. Everyone was anxiously anticipating Billy, but we had to wait.

The first band was a group of boys from London called the Crimea. They have a very unique sound that has a lot of heart. As they were playing, the Moore started filling and people started pushing their way to the front.

Next was Kansas-based band Doris Henson. Doris Henson is certainly the most assorted looking band I've ever seen. Unlike many of the bands today, each member had their own style and their own identity, and the lead singer was really cute. Doris Henson is a rock band with a twist: a trombone. They have great rhythms and they're very good at their instruments. These guys know what they're doing and they know how to please a crowd. They also encouraged the audience to check out bands from Kansas. Apparently, there are a lot of them and they're pretty great. The crowd seemed to really be enjoying themselves, but it was obvious that people were anxiously awaiting Billy.

When Corgan hit the stage, the most noticeable thing, after the incredibly crowd reaction, was the lights. The wall seemed to almost be tiled, and lights were projected on it. There were colored flowers, seventies patterns, horses, a face and just colors moving around the "tiles" for the entire show. It was the coolest on stage effect I've ever seen.

The keyboards and computer were placed in lovely silver stands that were projected onto the tiles before the show started. When Corgan and his band came out, the crowd went absolutely nuts. The screaming was deafening. People rushed to the front and got ready for the concert to start. They quickly launched into songs from Corgan's solo album The Future Embrace. Audience members were singing along, nodding their heads, immersed in the music. Billy Corgan fans seem to have quite the soul.

Corgan's sound is almost electronica, but still has the classic vocals and songwriting of the Smashing Pumpkins. The Chicago-bred artist and his band barely talked at all during the entire show. Aside from one or two "thank yous," he said absolutely nothing during the concert.

After the band played their encore, Corgan stayed on stage to talk to the audience. When a crewmember came on stage he joked "Get off my stage! Well, I'm probably paying him something." Corgan sat and talked about how much he appreciated the audience, and how in this day in age, we're really important. However, the most crucial words out of his mouth were: "Next time you see me, I'll be with the Pumpkins. It may not be for awhile, but I'll be with the Pumpkins." Upon hearing this, the crowd went absolutely insane and Corgan stood and smiled.

Before he left stage, he shook some hands in the front and made some Billy Corgan fans the happiest people on earth.
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