July 29, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 30

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Quote/Unquote by Rex Wockner
by Rex Wockner

"I think any time you get four or five really strong women doing desperate, dastardly things, I think Gay men get a big kick out of it. The moment you put a woman in an evening gown mowing the lawn, it's just Gay."

-Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry to AP Television News, July 16. The show received 15 Emmy nominations this year, more than any show except Will & Grace, which received the same number.

"Senator Santorum is a man of principle, he is a man who sticks up for what he believes in, I strongly do support Senator Santorum. ...Senator Santorum is a family man. I have been with Senator Santorum for eight years and I am very proud to be with him."

-Robert Traynham, director of communications for anti-Gay U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., confirming to that he (Traynham) is Gay, July 14.

"Robert widely respected and admired on Capitol Hill, both among the press corps and among the congressional staff, as a communications professional. Not only is Mr. Traynham an exemplary staffer, but he is also a trusted friend confidente [sic] to me and my family. Mr. Traynham is a valued member of my staff and I regret that this effort on behalf of people who oppose me has made him a target of bigotry in their eyes. It is entirely unacceptable that my staffs' [sic] personal lives are considered fair game by partisans looking for arguments to bolster my opponent's campaign. Mr. Traynham continues to have my full support and confidence as well as my prayers as he navigates this rude and mean spirited invasion of his personal life."

-Anti-Gay U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., in a written statement released after his director of communications grudgingly came out to, July 15.

"I want our government, which has presided over many positive changes for Gay people here in the UK - an equal age of consent, partnership rights, the abolition of the rightly reviled Clause 28 - to ensure that ending violations of Gay people's fundamental human rights around the world becomes an explicit issue in its diplomatic relations with other countries. I strongly believe that when thousands of us refuse to look away and stay silent we make a difference to what politicians do and say."

-Elton John writing in England's The Observer, July 3.

"The examining attorney found it to be offensive to a significant portion of the Lesbian community. And we're also looking out for the sensitivities of the general public more than that of a specific applicant."

-Administrator Jessie Roberts of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office explaining the office's refusal to trademark "Dykes On Bykes" for the women who ride motorcycles in San Francisco's Gay Pride parade, to the San Francisco Chronicle, July 14.

"This country has a respect for all of its citizens and allows them to all be equal under the law. It's very, very inspiring for those of us in the United States who have just been nationally shamed by a president who tried to introduce bigotry into the U.S. constitution. So, Canada this is an amazing place."

-Rosie O'Donnell speaking July 12 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"We love Canada. In fact, most Americans love Canada a lot more than they used to before we had our current president. Now we love you even more. Every time he opens his mouth Canada gets a little more appealing."

-Rosie O'Donnell speaking July 12 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"[I]f I learned one thing in my years amongst the hyper-politicized neo-hippie fascists at Wesleyan, it was that everything you do, whether you mean it or not, is a political statement. The way you dress, cut your hair, who you sleep with and how, who you talk with, who you meet with, the 'political spaces' you create, the way you sneeze, tie your shoes, the way you do the things you do, it all implies a political statement of sorts. And you have to be oh so careful about the political statements you make. Thus, the intellectual discourse on campus went something like as follows: 'You offend me.' 'No, YOU offend ME! 'No, you are offensive!' 'No, I am offended! And if you respond, that's also offensive!' 'Don't silence my voice!' 'Don't silence MY voice, you straightwhiteuppermiddleclassmalehegemonist OPPRESSOR!' 'Don't oppress me with your labels!' 'You think YOU'RE oppressed?!' ...etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum [sic]."

-Gay Peace Corps volunteer Philippe André Gosselin writing from Burkina Faso on his blog,, June 26.

"[B]ankers and lawyers are boring to look at. ... [P]ictures of marching Gap employees don't sell newspapers. There's no sinister media agenda intent on making Gay people look ridiculous, no fag-hating cabal behind the annual front page explosion of sequins and feathers. It's just good copy. Drag queens are interesting. Even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones."

-Blogger "Joe.My.God." at, July 5.

"All you suburban, lawn mowing, corpo-droid homos out there, hiding behind your picket fences, the ones wringing your hands and worrying that Pride ruins YOUR personal rep, listen up. Do you think that straight Americans worry that Mardi Gras damages international perception of American culture? America, land of the free, home of 'Show Us Your Tits!'? They don't, and neither should we."

-Blogger "Joe.My.God." at, July 5.

"Now that leather, BDSM, bear, et al all have their own pride movements, it's time for us to have Poseur Pride. That's right, it's time for all the men who want to look all tough and nasty, but are just plain vanilla underneath, to come out of the closet and stand tall and proud. Those of us who are attracted to dark and seedy leather bars, but can't handle the pain of a hangnail. Those of us who want to be slaves, until our masters order us to do something that we don't like. Those of us who want to be seen as daring and subversive, when we're really as plain and unadventurous as muzak. ... Perhaps [our flag could depict] a chocolate-dipped soft ice cream cone: dark and exciting on the outside, but plain, bland, and vanilla beneath the exterior."

-Toronto Gay blogger bruno_bt, July 17 at

"In Spain, where 90 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, the church came out swinging against [marriage] rights for Gays, using the familiar line that Gay marriage imperils the traditional institution of marriage. This has always been a difficult argument to follow logically. Assuming that marriage is the binding of two people in a committed relationship, possibly to create a family, Gay marriage adds to the institution. Even granting most religions' insistence that the two people must be of different genders, Gay marriage does nothing to discourage or belittle heterosexual unions."

-Los Angeles Times editorial, July 6.

"I honestly cannot understand why anyone would find me attractive. ...When I, with trepidation, look in the mirror I see only the flaws - the slight sag in the triceps, the overdeveloped pecs, the midsection expanding like bread dough - and I suspect that I'm not the only reasonably in-shape Gay man with this problem."

-Out magazine Editor in Chief Brendan Lemon in the August issue.

"Work really extra super hard and do nothing else but work and ignore your family and spend 14 hours a day at the office and make 300 grand a year that you never have time to spend, sublimate your soul to the corporate machine and enjoy a profound drinking problem and sporadic impotence and a nice 8BR mini-mansion you never spend any time in, and you and your shiny BMW 740i will get into heaven. This is the American Puritan work ethos, still alive and screaming and sucking the world dry. Work is the answer. Work is also the question. Work is the one thing really worth doing and if you're not working you're either a slacker or a leech. ..." columnist Mark Morford, July 8.
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