July 29, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 30

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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Country cutie Dierks Bentley doesn't mind the 'backside' attention

The day before Dierks Bentley was to play a sold out concert at The Showbox in downtown Seattle, I got an invitation to meet him after the show, in person. My heart skipped a few beats. But there was more. Bentley recently purchased a house and was gathering clippings from various publications to put up in his new home. One of the clippings he wanted appeared in the Seattle Gay News earlier this year. So on the night of the show, I took two copies of the SGN and my best drinking gut with me to The Showbox. The place was an all-out party. Hot crowd. Young, drunk metrosexual cowboys everywhere. And Bentley gave a knock out performance.

I couldn't get any of my friends to go to a country concert. (Note to self: recruit new friends). But my extra guest pass didn't go to waste. I met this tall, dark haired stud named Ray lingering by the stage after the show and I handed it to him so he could meet Bentley. God gave me a sweet tooth for cute straight guys. What can I say? We stood in line with about twenty to thirty people who were also given the opportunity to meet Bentley up close and personal. Earlier in the day, I stopped at the Mud Bay pet store on Capitol Hill to buy a gift for Bentley's dog, Jake. I got him locally made dog biscuits called "Fishcotti". For Bentley, I got a piggy bank that was hand-decorated with Seattle landmarks at the Made in Washington store inside Westlake Center.

It's my turn to say hello to Bentley. Right away he asks for the SGN clippings, which I brought with me inside a folder. We were told ahead of time to make our meeting quick. So I'm trying to hand Bentley the gifts for he and his dog, talk to him and get something signed in a very short amount of time. He glances over the clippings. He likes the fact that his ass was compared to the juicyness of a pack of Starburst. He says to me, "I love that!". He accepts the gifts and clippings politely and signs a CD cover for me that reads, "Albert, Dude...As Juicy as a Starburst! God Bless, Dierks Bentley". As drunk as I was, I remember shortness of breath.

We talked for a few minutes, as others in line curiously wondered what a flaming Mexican queen and a gorgeous country stud could possibly have to say to one another. Finally, he gives me this big, tight hug. Really tight. And for a second, I seriously thought about reaching down and grabbing his Southern cheeks. Seriously. But my conscious said, "unemployment sucks", so I just hugged him tighter instead. What a fucking cool guy! He's the sweetest country boy out there, I swear. And in case you haven't figured it out yet, he's rather Gay friendly and supportive. So support him in return. Bentley will play two Eastern Washington shows in September.

Kicking it on the curb with emo rockers JamisonParker

Somewhere between Simple Plan and The Cure is where you'll find JamisonParker.

But last week after their concert at Seattle's El Corazon, I found them on a sidewalk chilling out as their equipment was being loaded onto a van.

The edgy rock duo, comprised of Jamison Covington and Parker Case, is hoping that their just-released CD Sleep Walker will be the golden ticket to music bigness. "It's nerve racking," says Jamison ab0ut the experience of a debut album being out in stores. "But it's exciting. We're glad to have it out there."

The two-person unit looks like this. Jamison is tall, wears sports coats and skinny ties circa 1985, has jet black, spiky hair a la Edward Scissorhands and a smile that is tempting and mischievous. Parker is taller, bears a slight resemblance to actor Patrick Fugit ("Almost Famous"), has milky white skin and could pass for a video store clerk any day of the week. Jamison is shy. Parker is outgoing. Jamison is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Parker is a California boy through and through. Jamison bashfully looks down or away when given a compliment. Parker looks directly at you, says "thanks" and can easily take another.

For a band that has toured with rock standouts Coheed & Cambria and share record label credentials with music heavyweights like U2, Beck and Gwen Stefani, JamisonParker are far from letting success go to their heads. "We're not that good on stage," says Jamison with a boyish grin. "We're kind of learning as we go along." Though he's partly wrong, they are terrific in concert, this is a music act that is in the working stages of getting better and better.

JamisonParker's sound fits snuggly into the "emo" rock genre, an emotionally driven blend of light punk that has put Dashboard Confessional and Fall Out Boy on the map. "The Jesus and Mary Chain are like my favorite band of all time," notes Jamison on a curbside under the I-5 freeway. "And I'm a really big fan of Ryan Adams. His style is ideal to me. To go and write a bunch of songs and release them all at once, then go on tour. I'd love to do that."

JamisonParker, who were extremely nice and conversational, were staying the night at a Queen Anne hotel and then heading to a show the next night in Wenatchee. "Those small towns can be great because they don't get very many shows come through there, so everyone comes out to see you," states Parker. "We had a great show in Salt Lake City. They knew all the words to our songs. It was really cool for us to get that kind of reaction to our music."

As for Gay fans, Jamison smiles when told that they could begin collecting them. "We're just starting out and getting noticed," he says quietly. Then he smiles and looks away. You can tell he's thinking about it. And maybe he'll think about it the next time he's on stage.

JamisonParker will appeal to fans of emo, dramatic rock music and those who are currently digging Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Simple Plan. The first released single from Sleep Walker is called "Best Mistake." Visit for more information on this rising act.

Kelly Clarkson, Patti LaBelle ticket giveway coming soon

If you love Kelly Clarkson and/or Patti LaBelle, stay glued to the Seattle Gay News for upcoming details on how to see these two divas live in concert. For free. I did say free. Clarkson, who has had an incredible year that includes two MTV VMA nominations, performs at the Puyallup Fair on Tuesday, September 13. One night later, Grammy-winning diva Patti LaBelle will thrill fans on the same stage. Both shows promise to reel in big Gay crowds. C'mon, it's Kelly and Patti. Who do you think put these divas on the map? I'll have details on the giveaway in the coming weeks right here in "The Music Lounge." If you'd rather buy tickets, visit for information.
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