Aug 26, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 34

Sunday, Feb 14, 2016 01:05
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Make three calls to protect Medicaid
Make three calls to protect Medicaid
by Communities in Action Network

Congress will decide this fall how to cut up to $10 billion for Medicaid, the federal/state health care program for seniors, children, and people with disabilities. Medicaid finances more than 55 percent of all AIDS care and 90 percent of all AIDS care for children in the United States. This includes funding for prescription drugs, and for targeted case management. It is a lifeline for people living with HIV/AIDS.


Some of the harmful changes to Medicaid discussed by Congress include: New mandatory co-payments and cost sharing that will pile up every month on people who need multiple prescriptions and doctor visits to survive. New rules that would let doctors and pharmacies deny care or services if you can't pay all the co-pays. New rules that would let states eliminate coverage of essential services like case management or even some primary health care visits.

We know how important Medicaid is to people living with HIV/AIDS, and there's still time to tell your elected representative. To find your federal representatives visit Type your zip code in the upper left corner.

Call your representatives' district office at:

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell 1-888-648-7328; U.S. Senator Patty Murray (425) 259-6515 (Everett Office), (360) 696-7797 (Vancouver Office), (509) 453-7462 (Yakima Office), (206) 553-5545 (Seattle Office), (509) 624-9515 (Spokane Office), (253) 572-3636 (Tacoma Office); 1st Congressional District Representative Jay Inslee (425) 640-0233; 2nd Congressional District Representative Rick Larson 1-800-562-1385; 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird (360) 352-9768; 4th Congressional District Representative Doc Hastings (509) 543-9396; 5th Congressional District Representative Cathy McMorris (509) 684-3481; 6th Congressional District Representative Norm Dicks (202) 225-5916; 7th Congressional District Representative Jim McDermott (206) 553-7170; 8th Congressional District Representative Dave Reichert 1-877-920-9208.

Sample Phone Script: "I am a constituent calling about the proposed Medicaid cuts. This is a life-and-death issue for people living with AIDS and HIV here in Washington state. I'm really concerned about how new co-pays would hit hardest on people who need health care the most. Our state can't afford new cuts to federal funding for Medicaid. We really need you to stand up for us and block these cuts - people with AIDS need your help now to survive."
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