February 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 05
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MAXCY M. MOON (1952 - 2005)
MAXCY M. MOON (1952 - 2005)
Maxcy headed 'home' after his three month burden of lung cancer. An irony, becuase he had carried the HIV virus for 23 years without medication and, yet, he was full of life and fun. He always credited laughter for keeping him alive. Certainly, his wit, humor, and his ability to never forget a joke kept anyone near him filled with infectious laughter.

As much as laughter was part of Maxcy, he also had the ever present 'pink things,' his own special 'cookies,' caffeine, and, of course, his nicotine. Maxcy was known and loved by so many in the community. No one could be around Maxcy and not know him or at least know who he was; he wouldn't let you. Maxcy never met a stranger!

Maxcy cut hair on the Hill for over 20 years. For Maxcy's many clients, a visit with him was more of an adventure to look forward to than the mundane need to have a haircut. Most recently, Maxcy owned and operated a salon on Pike Street, a pinnacle in his career.

For all of his work, Maxcy knew how to live and how to have fun while doing it. Western dancing was an important part of his life. He led the Timberline and Cascade Cloggers back in the 1980's, dancing all over Washington and B.C. He and his group even opened for Johnny Cash at the Puyallup. He penned the book "Bootscooting" from these memories and adventures.

In the early 1980's, he realizing that many homebound PWA's needed an infusion of holiday cheer, he started 'CHRISTMAS FAERIES,' a group of friends that collected thousands of gifts, each individually wrapped, then distributed anonymously to 24-36 people each year. This has happened every Christmas season for the last 18 years. Shopping bags full of gifts would be delivered through Lifelong, Shanti, and other local groups.

A local Seattle paper gave Maxcy the title of the 'Flower Guy,' when he simply cut through hours of bureaucratic red tape and replaced empty, naked flower boxes at the Seattle East Precinct Police Station with the beauty of overflowing and carefully tended flowers. This spring, watch for smiling daffodils to replace his ever present smile.

Women's softball will never quite be the same after Maxcy sponsored 'Maxcy's Babes' for 3 years. The talented women placed statewide for 2 years. Pom-Poms and pink things were always present; Whoosh, Maxcy!

Maxcy is survived by his loving partner Bob Allan, and his 'chosen family' of dear friends. A celebration of his life will be held at the shelter at Cal Anderson Park (11th and E. Pine) Sunday February 19th, between 1 and 4 PM. All of you who were touched by this wonderful man are invited to stop by, share a story or a joke, and remember having had him in their lives.

In lieu of flowers, he asked that donations be made to the 'CHRISTMAS FAERIES FUND' at the Harvard Market Branch of the Washington Mutual Bank.

It's 9:02, Maxcy!

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