February 3, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 05
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Detroit Welcomes Gay Players, Football Fans
Detroit Welcomes Gay Players, Football Fans
First-ever Welcome Center for GLBT Super Bowl visitors within walking distance of the action

DETROIT, MI - If any of the Super Bowl football players decide to come out of the closet this weekend, there will be at least one friendly place to do it. Gay athletes and football fans who converge on Detroit for the Super Bowl will also find a welcoming respite from all the action at a Welcome Center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) visitors, the first time such a venue has operated during a Super Bowl game.

Triangle Foundation will be hosting the GLBT Welcome Center during the Super Bowl at 1515 Broadway, only three blocks from Ford Field, site of the spectacular football championship game. The center will provide information about what's going on around town for GLBT visitors, as well as a place for meeting other like-minded fans in a safe, judgment-free venue.

Triangle's Welcome Center is also a place where any Gay players from either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Seattle Seahawks could drop in or choose to be the place where they come out as Gay, while in Detroit.

"We're not aware that any other Super Bowl City has ever featured a Gay welcome center," said Jeffrey Montgomery, Triangle Foundation Executive Director. "The sports world is still one of the most homophobic work environments. We know, obviously, that there are plenty of Gay players-in addition to millions of GLBT fans-but it's virtually impossible for them to be out while they're active in the sport. If this Welcome Center inspires a player or two to come out, we will have done more than we expected to advance equality and safety for sportsmen and women in US sports."

The Welcome Center will be located at 1515 Broadway, which has long been a cultural venue that pioneers alternative and social justice artistic presentations. Located a block south of Grand Circus Park in Downtown Detroit, it will be an easy-access destination for Super Bowl fans. The Welcome Center will be open Thursday to Saturday from Noon to 10PM and on game day.

Refreshments, Metro Detroit GLBT-related entertainment and other referral information, social connections and a safe-space environment will be provided.

And who knows? Maybe a favorite Steeler or the Seahawk will wander in to spend time with Gay fans and make Detroit his coming out place.

Individuals interested in volunteering at the Welcome Center should contact the Triangle Foundation at or 313-537-3323.

A Triangle Foundation press release

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