March 31, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 13
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Lipstick and Lust
Lusting, tragedy, recovery and everything the cosmos can throw at us, in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Yours truly was on the telly dahlings, really. I get up much later than many of my friends, but the news was called in, so to speak, about my appearance, giving my opinion on the tragic shootings in my neighborhood. And I will say again, life is not safe, but also my belief that what happened (echoed by a lovely, Earth Goddess-looking young woman at the town meeting on the aftermath) is a symptom of a broken system. One that glorifies violence and sublimates and attaches shame to sexuality and freedom of expression of sexuality by young people (or anyone else for that matter). So, that's my take on the situation and this column is dedicated to those who have passed over and those who mourn.

First, on the brighter side, let me just say that even though last weekend ended tragically for some, there was still some lusting going on (and oh was it being satisfied!). Can we say that this one was involved in a live action porno scene with some delectable folks after the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and that this delightfully sexy play continued at 'the diva digs' (that being the apartment I share with two crazy, but sweet pussies, Zzell and Garbo)? Oh good times were had, good times were had and I can't wait for a rematch, when a certain new slave returns from duties of the military kind. Yum, yum, yum!

Still, with all of this going on (as well as dealing with more soap opera villain shenanigans) I still had time to try some new products. First and foremost I highly recommend DHC's 'Seaweed Concentrate' and 'Ceramide Quick', both of which really give a face some good moistuh. I also recommend Rimmel's to die for lipstick in 'Scream' (which was the icing on he cake, when kissing a certain someone recently and guaranteed to get you some action, believe me!). The latter you can find at Bartels (yes, sweeties, Bartels!), and the other, you can get by going to calling DHC at 1-800-DHC-CARE (342-2273). And do try Yves Rocher's hmm yummy lipstick in 'Crushed Ginger'. Just the right color for the hot Spring looks. You can order from them at

So, for those who have been keeping up with the serial story, 'Prayerland: The D'I'a'eggj Chronicles', keep reading, and I promise to let you know when the book is out and when the party for said book launch happens. For now, 'Prayerland: The D'I'leggj Chronicles'.

'You killed Rache, didn't you!' It was Jelly, standing over the male cop that had gotten some of us to safety after the latest uprising against what was left of local government (more a shadow organization corporations and the few wealthy that were left after the debacle of the Sino-Middle Eastern Wars broke the bank, locally and nationally) turned ugly. I could see she wans't backing down, and I also knew fear, as much as anger fueled her, and I knew how lethal that mixture could be, having seen her cornered by some thugs her pimp had hired to prevent her leaving, when I rescued her from that life so long ago. 'Hey, you can't blame him for that. Didn't he just save your pitiful ass along with this whole ragged bunch?' I could see them squaring off, and I knew if I didn't say something, or something didn't distract them, there would be blood spilled. Any other time, watching these two tantalizing she-cats with their fur up would hve turned me on and I'd have just let them go at it, but not now, not when so much had happened, today and before at Jai Lin's 'keep'.

'Hey, hey, hey, the two of you, there's no time for this shit right now, so just back the fuck down! I said enough,' I was looking into the eyes of my wife, seeing her anger and wanting to hug the pain away that I saw there. She was defending me and I was making her look stupid, like the evil vigilante she was always afraid she'd become since leaving her pimp. 'But&' I grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eye, and glanced over at Lisa, who was looking away, ashamed of this outburst. Ah, control freaks when they lose it! 'That's tea wiped and history now, so let's just deal, okay?' She hugged me franticly and I could see Lisa's eyes burn with what could have been jealousy, or could have been the spark, still burning from our earlier romp in the sheet together. Before all of this shit ruined a perfectly good day.

So, everyone just kind of scattered after that, going to find a corner away from that little bit of ugly. The male cop's eyes looked like a dog I'd once seen near the 'ject, that had been butchered by one of the many two-legged predators that crawled on the edges of the illusion we had of a working society. Shocked, afraid and the question 'why' still frozen there, but also a look that tell me he'd probably been one of those kids that had grown up in a family of cops and had wanted to make dad proud, only dad wasn't the kind of dad who a kid could love. And I was sure he'd seen much worse things than what we'd witnessed that day, and it was all just crashing down on him right now. 'Home slice&' The male cop jerked his head toward me, his eyes reminding me of a piece of glass I'd found near the lake that was now so polluted none of us ate anything from there, or swam there anymore. I'd saved the glass because it was pretty, and it made me feel special somehow. 'Dude, no one's blaming anyone here&' He slid down the wall and wrapped his arms around his knees in a gesture of surrender.

'But you're right&I mean&there was a file on her, a large file. She was into dealing drugs, a little prostitution, you name it, and she was becoming a&problem& I'm sorry&' I kept Jelly from hitting him, saw the shocked look on Lisa's face and knew that this was the guy she'd told us about when she mentioned that there was someone she'd done 'interesting things' with. 'No prob..' I pulled him up and felt that inner swelling, did the silent fist pump 'yea me', and thought to myself, 'once again The Sheriff has saved Dodge City'. After that, as corny as it sounds, we all, me, Jelly and Lisa came together in an awkward mash that resembled a hug.

Then we were brought back to reality by the other two kids that had managed to escape the carnage when the protest went wrong groaning and then bringing it to our attention that life needed to get moving. 'Not to break up your&moment guys, but hey me and the girl here are kinda hungry and we both know a few places where we might find some. You can stay here, come with us, up to you&' They were already moving toward the door, the question of whether we joined them more rhetorical than anything else. Jelly joined them immediately, a look on her face of both resignation and still a shadow of anger when she looked toward the male cop and Lisa, who I guess had become an enemy in the last moment. 'Okay, that's settled then&'

'You can't just leave him here&he's awhol now and no one, and I mean no one leaves the Law alive&' We all looked at Lisa, at the male cop and I looked into those green/blue glass eyes again and finally we all stepped out into the waning day, into a rain that was coming down hard, with a wind that beat us up like a million fists all at once.

Shrle watched from a darkened corner of the S'ee'lt cave that served as their main hall as a young male, Ljjgi was dragged, semi-consious into the cave, obviously having been tortured strenuously before this appearance. 'Nnnnnnowwww wwwwweeeeee wwwwwillllll ssssseeeennnnnd a messsssagggge! Annnnnddddd thhhhhhennnnnn wwwwwweeeee wwwwwilllll sssseeeee&..' It was the High Raptor of the S'ee'lt speaking, his eyes glittering with triumph and a lust for the blood he was about to enjoy. And as Shrle, Majooka and his other kinjja watched in horror, the gathered 'slithies' (that was their word for the reptilian members of the Tribe of All for as long as they could remember) tore into the young male, breaking bits off and covering the obsidian hall floor with gore. The three Avians hurried from the care and climbed into the air, trying not to give voice to the anguish and rage they felt as they watched their Firn mate be so brutally savaged by those who had once been members of the same Tribe they all called home, life, all that was after the Time of Troubles.

Majooka held her newly made kinjja, her own tears mingling with that of her other kinjja's as they sat high atop one of the rocky Ruats that were home to their kind. She could still hear the screams of their Firn mate, their blood, their kin as he was torn to bits by the 'slithies'. Why, why, why, her mind asked The All Spirit that they prayed to and called upon in such difficult moments, and as she wept, holding the softly moving shoulders of her kinjja, Shrle and wiping the face of her other kinjja, her new gyyrn, Gyrr , a soft wind wrapped around her shoulders, one that felt almost alive. And in that wind she heard a song, one with words she'd never heard before, but that sounded so familiar, so loving, and she let her voice raise, was joined by the voices of her kirrjn, and in that moment they all knew what would come next.

We had found one of the warehouses that had been built when it seemed a terrorist attack from some outside force was eminent and our then leaders had decided the cities needed provision for such an eventuality. The food was synthetic, as was the juice and even vitamins we found, and there was water that, if not completely palatable, wouldn't kill us, so we packed our bags, and ate what we couldn't carry, then went back out into the now misting rain and new darkness of early night. The wind was blowing with the same harpy force, but we had full bellies now, so we didn't care, and when the argument came as to whether to bring along the male cop, (who we found out was called Jeremy) to our 'ject, I just put up an authoritive hand and t hat was that. Let the shit be the shit and we'd sort it all out later, but somehow, looking at Jelly's tight lips and Lisa's unforgiving, rigid posture, I knew hell would come knocking soon. And that night I dreamed of 'Prayerland' again, but this time, there was wrongness in the air, and a group of beings I'd never seen before were asking me about Miracle, my daughter, singing to me and telling me to teach her quick. As if the whole universe depended on this little song.

So, there you are my sweet banana muffins. Hope you enjoyed reading that at much as I enjoyed (rewriting it-yes, 'gremlins' erased the first copy, so yours truly had to scramble and get you another chock-filled column, because I know how all seven of you would miss it!) for you! And feel free to e-mail me letters of praise for the column, since we never know these days, at And also, there has been a community fund set up for the deceased from the tragedy, and I believe if you call Miller Community Center or the East Precinct Police Department, they can give you the info you need to contribute. For now, buh bye and be nice to each other out there and stay in love forever! Toodles!

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