May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Seattle photographer John Tozzi exhibits erotic and fine art portraiture
Seattle photographer John Tozzi exhibits erotic and fine art portraiture
Work from the first 10 years of the artist's work to display

Seattle photographer John Tozzi presents "SOULS", a retrospective exhibit of b/w erotic and fine art portraiture, spanning the first 10 years of the artist's work. The exhibit will take place in the Subterranean Room at Art/Not Terminal Gallery. It will open on Saturday June 3rd, 2006, with an opening night reception from 7pm-10pm.

John's approach has been among the more unique in erotic photography. His models are more of an "everyman/regular guy" style, rather than the preponderance of muscled, hairless models that pervade our culture. "Almost anyone can be the subject of art," says John, "it just comes down to the inspiration of the artist. I have noticed that when the average guy looks at erotic photography of an overly muscled person, all they see is a life they will never live. However, when the subject matter is closer to themselves, they can see limitless possibilities and think about themselves in a totally different way. It can be very empowering to them."

Perhaps even more unique than the style of his work, is the way in which he became a photographer. John had been a writer/reporter for various regional and small-press publications in the late 80's and early 90's, until an injury to both hands left him unable to type for several months.

"So there I was," John says, "going through several months of physical therapy and unable to type. I had all this creative energy and no outlet. I picked up a camera and just started shooting pictures. It was just supposed to be something to help take my mind off my injuries. I never imagined it would lead to anything. Who knew? When you leave yourself open to possibilities, you never know what life will throw at you. I am still amazed to this day."

The show runs through July 6th. For more information, please call the artist at 206-322-6605.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery press release

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