May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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The Scarlet F comes to the Re-bar this weekend
The Scarlet F comes to the Re-bar this weekend
A benefit show for the documentary project The F Word: Femmes, Femininity, and a New Feminism

The Scarlet F

Where: Re-bar 1114 Howell Street

Date: May 27 2006

Time: 7pm Doors - 8pm Show

Cost: $12

The Scarlet F will be a fun, funky, in you're face celebration of queer femininity and femme identity meant to promote visibility, break barriers, challenge assumption, promote gender diversity and inspire dialog. The Scarlet F seeks to subvert, queer and redefine ideas about gender, sex, and sexuality through a femme lens. The Scarlet F features burlesque, spoken word, strip-tease, fashion, music and more. The performances are as varied and unique as queer femininity itself.

The first Scarlet F show took place in 2000, the brainchild of Seattle based femme organizer, artist, and entertainer Debbie Carlsen, and has been a huge part of a movement of femmes organizing for visibility in the arts community.

This, the forth Scarlet F show, is a benefit for the Ladyking Productions documentary project The F Word: Femmes, Femininity, and A New Feminism.

The Scarlet F will include performances by Queen Bees, Tara Hardy, Jazz sensation Mercedes Nicole, Amy Mahoney, Katinka Kraft and many more.


Art is a form of resistance as well as antidote for survival. In the underground queer artists community there are femmes. Femmes are queer females, and sometimes males, for whom femininity is a tool of resistance.

Femmes are taking Seattle by storm with their unique expression of political art. You'll see how fashion, jazz, spoken word, burlesque, stripping and drag can be used to subvert the system and create a revolutionary culture one song, poem, show and conversation at time. The F Word: Femmes, Femininity, and A New Feminism documents Seattle femme artists and their journey to visibility and subversive resistance to sexual norms, mainstream hetero-feminism, and oppressive government.

Meet Tamara the Trapez Lady, Mercedes Nicole, Kentucky Fried Woman, Amy Mahoney, Chica Boom, Tara Hardy and many more as they share Seattle femme history, art as the new activism, and how valuing femininity is part of liberation for all. These genderqueer liberators link what is missing in queer politics tie it in a bow and deliver it with glitter. They will entertain, perplex, upset and comfort- the only thing it won't be is boring.

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