May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Le Rêve, overflowing with stylish decadence, highlights Las Vegas weekend
Le Rêve, overflowing with stylish decadence, highlights Las Vegas weekend
by Corey Gutch - SGN A&E Writer

You might be surprised to find that my style column would include a piece on Las Vegas. Vegas is such a weird place to me. It's so over-the-top and grandiose - and any sense of irony is almost completely lost on place - BUT, while the garish style of most of Vegas is not easily forgivable, there is no denying that the place is a great party!

A few weeks ago I rounded up two good friends for a long weekend in "Sin City". You really need to take a trusted posse with you to Vegas to keep you in check! We gambled. Lost and won. We shopped. Found some amazing fashions. We danced - at the Hard Rock with Bloc Party and The Go!Team, Krave (3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd. next to the Aladdin) the "alternative" club on the strip and Krave "after-hours" next door, and what I called the "Gay triangle": The Gipsy (4605 Paradise Rd.), The Buffalo (4640 Paradise Rd.), and Free Zone (610 E. Naples Dr. ). And slept about 9 out of the 72 hours we were there. Gay nightlife in Vegas is surprisingly easy to find - just ask your concierge or any taxi driver.

We also found the time to take in a show - which is pretty much every homo's duty in Vegas. We decided on Le Rêve at the gorgeous and chic Wynn resort (which also conveniently houses one of the three Dior Homme boutiques in the US (I know you're already tired of me expounding on the wonders of Dior fashion).

Anyways, the tagline for Le Rêve is "A small collection of imperfect dreams", and Franco Dragone, the creative visionary behind a slew of legendary and highly successful Cirque Du Soleil productions has once again pushed the creative envelope with his innovative and spectacular "visual theater". Casino entrepreneur Steve Wynn gave Dragone free reign to create his "dream" show with Le Rêve - an ambitious aerial ballet and acrobatic show performed in and above over 1 million gallons of chameleonic water.

Le Rêve, which translates to "The Dream", lives up to its name. The show is a feat of technical mastery, and the laws of physics seem more like suggestions, which the acrobatic performers and crew take little heed. What you see in this show runs the gamut of bizarre, beautiful, funny, frightening, erotic and exhilarating. For example, the long sexy legs of the chorus girls ending with sparkling crimson stilettos perform a kaleidoscopic synchronized water dance routine in the vein of Busby Berkeley, but the homage ends there when the water their legs protrude from begins to boil.

Unlike many of the Cirque shows that Dragone created, the majority of the performers in Le Rêve wear very little makeup. In fact most of the (gorgeous) men in Le Rêve wear none at all, and all wear shaved heads as if they were an army of clones. The mischievous water nymphs in red velvet bodysuits and oversized Edwardian ruff collars seem to be inspired by the nymphs in Mathew Barney's Cremaster Cycle 3. I thought it was interesting and totally surprising to see this aesthetic trickle down (no pun intended) into, of all things, a Vegas show. The dreamlike and imperfect narrative of the entire show continued to remind me of Barney's confounding Cremaster Cycle films - confronting you with an askew visual language that begs your imagination become a part of the experience. By no means am I trying to elevate Le Rêve to the high-art of the Cremaster Cycle - depth (once again, no pun intended!) and conceptualism are not the point. What is the point is to dazzle and excite you with a truly over-the-top Vegas show experience with a fantastic and unique style. Le Rêve totally delivers.

So the next time you and your friends plan a weekend away in Las Vegas, you now have one more thing to add to your to do list - which should read, in no particular order:

o Gamble

o Shop

o Drink

o Dance

o Clean yourself up and go see Le Rêve

Le Rêve was a highlight of our weekend and made for a spectacular choice in the endless ways to indulge in Vegas entertainment and decadence. And isn't that exactly why we go there?

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