May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Q-Scopes by Jack Fertig
Q-Scopes by Jack Fertig

ARIES (March 20 - April 19): However noble their intentions, your friends can too easily steer you wrong, especially if money is involved. Trust more in whatever passions come out of your soul and your roots. Sexual passions? Perhaps, but look for something deeper.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Misunderstandings with your boss - or with your underlings, if _you_ are the boss - can throw you into a tizzy. Assurances from your partner are sincere, but sound routine. Affirmation from friends, siblings, or neighbors put you back on top of the world.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Shake out any old religious or philosophical qualms that may be plaguing you. When in doubt, choose pragmatic teaching. Inspiration from spiritual wisdom should be helpful in the real world.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Libidinous urges, especially under chemical influence, are sure to be trouble. Trust in your friends to keep you grounded, especially when pursuing fun and adventure - they'll help you stay safe, and the excitement will be so much more real!

LEO (July 23 - August 22): This is your time to shine professionally. Mixed signals from your partner, or confusion in searching for one, can throw you off your game. Clearing up domestic issues and/or engaging in sexual exploration will set things right.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): In any argument, stick to what you know and can depend on. Going out on a limb with your ideals will only get you into trouble. Your partner will back you up when you least expect it. Your friends mean well, but let their intentions be enough.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Sexual commitment should take precedence but not rule out sexual playfulness. Stay clear about your technique, skills, values, and reputation. Even if private pleasures remain behind closed doors, they will affect your public image. Looking confident and satisfied helps!

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Confusion at home disturbs your self-confidence - but this is good. You need a new perspective and a challenge to your creativity. Experiment! Novel approaches will reaffirm both your relationship and your self-assurance.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): You're especially vulnerable to accidents now. Your challenge is to stay focused on work, but not so much that you ignore hazards. Wild, spontaneous sex in parts of your home you hadn't considered before will help you keep balance.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Impulse spending, gambling, and investments are all to be avoided now. Instead, enjoy time with friends, playing and talking about things that really matter to you. Let your hair down and express feelings you normally wouldn't.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): People often ask who the heck you are and where you came from. Now you're wondering yourself. Find purpose and direction in your work. Your dedication will pay off more than you expect!

PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Be very careful not to reveal personal secrets accidentally. Private time with a journal offers a good release. So do philosophical issues - assert your views on religion, politics, art, or whatever stirs your passions. Don't take your opinions or anyone else's too seriously. Treat it all as a game.

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