May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Mariah Carey coming to Key Arena in September; Dixie Chicks headed to Tacoma Dome in November; a walk on Capitol Hill with Joshua Radin; James Blunt autographed poster giveaway soon
Mariah Carey announces Key Arena concert in September, tix go on sale June 2

Get your platform sneakers ready. Mimi's coming. The emancipation of a major recording artist is about to over-take Key Arena this fall. Mariah Carey, pop superstar and diva right down to her ankle bracelets, will perform at the Seattle indoor stadium on Monday, September 25. Her previous, and only, visit to the area was two years ago at McCaw Hall. That show was much better than I expected it to be. Back then, Carey was struggling commercially with lower-than-usual record sales and had yet to release her monstrous comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi, which to date has sold over ten million copies and earned the singer-songwriter multiple Grammy Awards in February.

Tickets for Mariah Carey at Key Arena go on sale Friday, June 2 (10:00am) at all Ticketmaster locations, charge-by-phone or online. At press time, ticket prices were not available. I'll have them next week, so check back. Carey has a large Gay following. Gay men of all ages and drag queens represent a significant demographic of the community's fan base for the world famous pop princess who has enjoyed a bulk of number one singles including, "Vision of Love", "Someday", "Emotions", "Hero", "Dream Lover", "Fantasy", "Honey", "We Belong Together", "It's Like That" and "Shake It Off". My personal favorite is "Can't Let Go". What a great birthday present for a friend, colleague or family member - seeing Mariah Carey live in downtown Seattle.

Dixie Chicks bring Accidents and Accusations Tour" to Tacoma Dome in November

Controversy? The Dixie Chicks know a little something about it. The award-winning country-bluegrass trio, thanks to its courageous lead singer Natalie Maines, made headlines three years ago when they said they were ashamed to be natives of the same state as our current president. The state they're referring to is Texas. Big state, hot guys, real cowboys, great barbeque, horrible president. Maines issued an apology for the comment, issued during a live performance in Europe. Then recently, she withdrew the apology and said she owed the current president no respect whatsoever. You go girl! I support you and the other Chicks wholeheartedly.

Speaking of live performances, Dixie Chicks are heading to the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, November 11. At press time, complete ticket information was not available. What I know is that they go on sale Saturday, June 3 at all Ticktetmaster locations, charge-by-phone or online. Check back next week for ticket prices. Dixie Chicks played at Key Arena in July 2003, with opening act Michelle Branch. It was an awesome concert! I remember Branch wearing a T-shirt that read "Free Natalie", a stinging message to conservatives who wouldn't let the controversy rest. In fact, Maines received death threats. Probably from all those NRA shitheads, fronting themselves as Christian do-gooders, supporting this fucked up president and his fucked up administration. The Dixie Chicks have a new album called "Taking the Long Way", hitting stores May 23. I got an advance copy of the CD and it's fabulous. Quite good. Buy it today. And support the Chicks!

Joshua Radin's star on the rise, Seattle Gay News interview coming soon

It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon on June 12. Sunny, very warm. A perfect day for an afternoon stroll. Which is what I did. But I wasn't alone. I had Joshua Radin with me. He's a new recording artist, signed to Sony-BMG Records, who will undoubtedly see his star rise. His music is drawing comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel, Elliott Smith and James Taylor. I picked Radin up at Chop Suey, where he was performing later that afternoon, and we walked down Madison Ave. to Pike St. and then to 11th Ave. to Purr Cocktail Lounge, where we reclined on a couch and chatted for about twenty minutes. He's an honest, intelligent and passionate guy. Really cute. Down to earth. No ego. We talked about his debut album We Were Here, set for release on June 13. He recorded it in his apartment. It's such a great CD. It's seriously one of my favorites of 2006. I strongly suggest picking up a copy next month before you head out on a summer road trip. My interview with Joshua Radin prints June 9. And just so you know, his best friend is Zach Braff (Garden State, TV's "Scrubs"). Braff actually called him during our interview. That's hot.

Autographed, framed James Blunt poster to be given away next month

Care to have James Blunt on your bedroom wall as you surf the net, get busy with your newest boy toy (or longtime boy toy), say your prayers, or whatever else it is that you do in your room? Well, it could happen. Blunt could be hanging on your wall. Seattle Gay News has a cool poster that the Brit Award-nominated artist signed backstage at the Paramount Theatre, just after he performed a sold out concert there on April 3. The poster will be given away through a contest. Full details of the contest are forthcoming. What I can say is that the contest involves a camera - so make sure you own a camera, have one in your cell phone or can borrow one. It won't cost you a thing, and the poster is super-cute and professionally framed by U-Frame It on Capitol Hill.

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