May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Dear SGN,

Anyone giving any attention to Gay rights internationally has noticed that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is violently anti-Gay, and has made himself a name in the world for being extreme in his anti-Gay rhetoric and law-making. Homosexual relations in Zimbabwe is very illegal, and Pres. Mugabe has supported long prison sentences and even death for persons participating in homo-sex. Now, it seems, the world is getting to know the truth about Mugabe.

His country is suffering badly: the economy and society of Zimbabwe is in utter shambles. It is in the midst of an "economic free fall" and a terrible national atmosphere in which the Mugabe government - in its two-plus decades - has forcibly suppressed opposition, all but eliminated a free press, repressed civil society, committed ongoing serious human rights violations, and stands accused of rigging elections. Zimbabweans, in large numbers, continue to flee the country and its extreme right-wing control.

It appears that Mugabe's extreme anti-Gay policies were the "canary in the coal mine" of the destruction to come to Zimbabwe society. Rather than being a rational, reasonable or compassionate leader - to lead Zimbabwe into stability after its release from British control in 1980 - Mugabe proved to be a moralistic right-wing tyrant who eventually destroyed the economy. He caused inflation to sky-rocket and prices to leap to astronomical levels: now, about $30 million Zimbabwean dollars are needed to buy a household its groceries.

Let all people recognize Zimbabwe's warning: If the right wing is in control, it can bring with it only misery - suppression of free speech, repression of personal freedoms, ill-regard for the well-being of the citizenry, the enriching of the wealthy at the cost of the middle class and poor, and a destabilizing of the economy. We have been seeing this trend since George Bush's cabal stole both of the previous two Presidential elections.

Gay rights is no longer just a Gay issue: As the horror of the Mugabe government proves. A position against Gay rights flags leaders as irresponsible and destructive. It is demonstrable of the right-wing, who puts it's "morals" and controls over personal freedoms and expression and above the well-being of persons.


Ed Depicolzuane

Seattle, WA


Dear SGN,

It appears that drug companies are now identifying the proven effectiveness of their medicines by sexual orientation!!

On Tuesday, May 23rd at approximately 7:15, Glaxo-Smith Kline ran an ad for Valtrex. During the commercial there was a disclaimer on the screen suggesting the drug has only been proven effective in HETEROSEXUALS?!

So are the drug companies trying to suggest that we are built differently than our "counterparts"? Does herpes really know the difference between straight and Gay? Is this a setup for the drug companies to aid the religious right in suggesting we aren't really people?

I hope this letter warrants your attention.


Bruce Steinberg

Seattle, WA


Dear SGN,

President Bush plans to spend billions of our dollars to turn the Mexican border into a war zone, using paramilitary troops and high tech equipment. It's a horrible idea that Congress should quash immediately.

Immigration is a result of social and economic forces that the U.S. has a major part in creating, such as poverty and joblessness in South America. The great wealth that undocumented workers create in the U.S. is unacknowledged, while the government illegally declares war on border communities in the U.S. and Mexico.

Who can doubt that Chicanos and Mexicans, and other brown-skinned people, will be abused and killed by trigger-happy, privatized soldiers whose bosses care only for the money they make. The dismal record of privatized prisons shows what poor and working class people of color can expect.

Millions of immigrants and their supporters in the streets on May Day displayed a powerful force for change that can also help U.S. citizens who are feeling the contempt of our government for their jobs, wages, pensions, and freedom of speech. It's time that unions, women, the elderly, and all people of color join undocumented workers and stop the destruction of their rights and ours.


Adrienne Weller


In the May 19, 2006, edition of the Seattle Gay News, A&E Writer David Luc Nguyen reported that "rumor has it that Manray is closing." The management of Manray, a popular Gay-bar on Capitol Hill in Seattle, told the SGN this week that they had no immediate plans to close. The SGN apologizes to the management of Manray for the statement and for any confusion this may have caused our readers.

In a review of Pippin, SGN A&E Writer Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid had wrote: "Loosely based on the story of King Chalemayne, who spearheaded one of many Christian crusades through the Holy Land..." A reader correctly pointed out that we had misspelled Charlemagne's name, that he is never referred to as "King Charlemagne" and that he died 281 years before the First Crusade ever left Europe. The SGN apologizes for the error.

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