May 26, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 21
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Rex Wockner
International News

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov banned the city's first Gay-pride parade May 18.

Organizers said the march, scheduled for May 27, will go ahead as planned.

They also filed suit against Luzhkov in Moscow's Tverskoy district court and demanded that President Vladimir Putin fire Luzhkov and that the city's police chief resign.

In banning the parade, the city said: "[T]his march could provoke a wave of protest actions which could lead to group breaches of public order and mass disturbances."

"The march will go ahead as planned," said co-organizer Nikolai Alekseev. "We appeal to President Vladimir Putin to sack the municipal dictator Luzhkov who is fully responsible for the recent homophobic outbursts in Moscow. The Russian president has the right, according to the law, to sack the mayor of Moscow.

"At the same time," Alekseev added, "the head of the Moscow police should resign as he said that he is unable to provide security to a huge number of citizens who pay taxes for their security."

Alekseev said Luzhkov's ban violates a right to peacefully demonstrate that is guaranteed both by Russia's Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The European branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association agreed.

"Russia is about to take over the presidency of the Council of Europe and such a decision contradicts the basic principle of freedom of assembly enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights," said ILGA-Europe Executive Director Patricia Prendiville.

"We also want to stress," she said, "that such arguments against LGBT demonstration[s] as religious objections and plans for counterdemonstrations cannot legitimize serious breaches of the right to assembly."

In February, Luzhkov said of homosexuality, "My philosophy is my negative attitude to these phenomena, as I believe them to be unnatural to the human nature."

Activists blamed his rhetoric for an escalation in tactics by antiGay forces.

On April 30, around 300 religious extremists, skinheads and members of nationalist organizations attacked people entering Moscow's Renaissance Event Club as it hosted the first in a new series of Gay parties. They threw eggs, tomatoes, bottles and rocks while chanting "Pederasts go away" and "Shame on you, Gays and Lesbians." People inside the club were evacuated by police in small groups and whisked away in special buses.

Some of the protesters told reporters they will target the pride parade in a similar fashion.

The next evening, about 100 demonstrators from the same groups visited another Gay bar, Tri Obezyany. Riot police arrested 39 of them for hooliganism after they tried to prevent patrons from entering the venue, shouted insults at those coming and going, and tossed eggs, fruit and bottles.


Canadian Gay activists are upset with Statistics Canada's 2006 national census form.

The document instructs married same-sex couples to use the "other" category to record their relationship rather than ticking the "husband or wife" box.

Stats Can said it hasn't had time to change the form since same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide on July 20, 2005, but said there is a blank space where married same-sex couples can note that they are married.

Although same-sex marriage was not available in every province and territory until 10 months ago, it has been legal in Ontario since June 2003, in British Columbia since July 2003 and in Quebec since April 2004.

The president of the national Gay lobby group Egale, Gemma Hickey, said the census treats Gays and Lesbians as "second-class citizens."

The group's executive director, Gilles Marchildon, added, "Everyone who completes the 2006 Census will see that our relationships are segregated."

Canada conducts a census every five years.


China's first toll-free national Gay hotline is up and running, China Daily reported May 10.

Staffed by 13 volunteers in Guangzhou and Shanghai, the phone line (800-988-1929 within China) offers psychological, emotional, legal and HIV advice.

The volunteers have college degrees in medicine, psychology, law or sociology, and have received additional specialized training.

The service operates weekdays from 7 to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 4 to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 3 to 6 p.m. It is funded by Hong Kong's Chi Heng Foundation.

"Most of the calls we have had so far are from people who complain of social stigma and ignorance, or from those who don't understand homosexuality," director Xiao Dong told China Daily.


Gay U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., has written to Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo objecting to pending legislation that would, Frank said, "criminalize same-sex relationships and weddings, punish those who witness, aid or abet a same-sex marriage, and outlaw any clubs, organizations or meetings - as well as any form of protest - that support or advocate for the rights of Lesbian and Gay people."

"I find this effort to persecute innocent people based on their sexual orientation not only morally indefensible but also profoundly undemocratic," Frank said.

He also threatened to withdraw his support for U.S. aid to Nigeria.

"If this proposed legislation that so blatantly violates individual freedom and basic democratic rights to freedom of expression and association prevails, Nigeria would no longer in my view have any claim to genuine democratic rule," Frank said.


Two London men pleaded guilty May 12 to killing a Gay man who was walking through cruisy Clapham Common.

Thomas Pickford, 25, and Scott Walker, 33, punched and kicked Jody Dobrowski, 24, in October 2005. He later died in a hospital.

Passersby heard the two shouting antiGay slurs during the attack.

Dobrowski's face was so mangled by the beating that his body had to be identified by fingerprints.


International Mr. Leather 2003, John Pendal, and his partner, Dave Harris, got married in London May 13 under the United Kingdom's Civil Partnership Act.

They tied the knot at their local registry office in West London in front of 24 guests.

The couple have been together 13 years. The partnership act grants all rights and obligations of traditional marriage.


Austria's leading Gay organization, Homosexual Initiative Vienna (HOSI Wien), and its secretary general, Kurt Krickler, were found guilty of defamation and libel by the Vienna Regional Criminal Court on April 21 for calling Austrian People's Party Member of Parliament Walter Tancsits a "mental descendant of the brown Nazi myrmidons" ("geistiger Nachfahre der braunen Nazi-Schergen").

The libelous remark appeared in a March 2005 press release that denounced Tancsits for opposing inclusion of homosexuals in the Nazi Victim Compensation Act and engineering their exclusion when a parliamentary committee considered the measure.

"We will appeal against this judgment and then take the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg," Krickler said May 17.
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