June 9, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 23
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SIFF 2006 - SIFF enters its last nine days with many films of LGBT interest yet to screen
SIFF 2006 - SIFF enters its last nine days with many films of LGBT interest yet to screen
by Herb Krohn SGN A&E Writer


Rating: Excellent

Canada - Subtitled

(Québécois French)

Friday June 16th - 9:00 PM -

Egyptian Theatre

Sunday June 18th - 1:15 PM -

Egyptian Theatre

A coming of age family drama told over a long time period, centers on Zac (Marc-André Grondin), who is the fourth of five sons and is born on Christmas day 1960. Early on Zac is perceived to have "special powers" as a result of his displays of non-masculine behavior, according to the neighborhood psychic entrusted by his mother, this includes the ability to heal others bleeding. As he ages it quickly becomes apparent to his family and schoolmates that he is "different", of course he struggles to fit in and be "normal" throughout his adolescence and early adulthood, More central to the plot is the focus on Zac's tenuous relationship with his father and his efforts to win his fathers love and approval.

After a series of family brawls he flees, his travels eventually lead him to the Holy Land where he finally reaches a personal epiphany that finally pushes him onto the path toward self acceptance. This film realistically portrays the true life experiences so many of us undergo both internally and externally, as well as portraying our efforts to gain the approval of our parents and family, until we finally come face to face with ourselves when we run smack against the wall of our true nature. Yes, denial is a powerful thing.

This is an excellent story which unfolds in unexpected ways, which will absorb you into the plot and the characters in a way that you will share their emotional experiences. Indeed this is a rare gem of a film of Gay interest, yet what really makes this flick work so well is that Zac's sexuality is actually secondary to the character himself as well as the plot, not to mention the excellent use of period popular music. It will especially appeal to those who grew up in the same time period as the character. Be sure and stay for the Credits if you haven't figured out what the acronym C.R.A.Z.Y. stands for by the end of the film, (hint: it's not the Patsy Cline tune featured throughout the film). Don't miss out on this one!!

Winner - Best Canadian Feature Film - Toronto International Film Festival - 2005

Winner - Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor - Vancouver Film Critics Circle - 2006

Winner - Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director - Genie Awards (Canadian Oscars) - 2006

Nominee - Screen International Award - European Film Awards - 2005


Another Gay Movie

Friday, June 9th - 12:00 AM -

Midnight - Egyptian Theatre.

United States

In this raunchy, Gay spoof of AMERICAN PIE and '80s teen movies, a group of high school grads swear they will pop their virgin cherries before going to college. Lypsinka, Scott Thompson and Graham Norton, among others, make hilarious cameos. Jokes, costumes, vomit, sex and gerbils included. Mature audiences only.





Logan is a soft-spoken, lonely thirteen-year-old boy with a crush on Rodeo Walker, the coolest kid in school. Unconventional and fresh, this beautifully photographed and well-crafted story is an ethereal exploration of the moody world of teenage isolation, perfectly capturing the confusion and pain of adolescent longing.

Love Sick

Saturday June 10th - 11:00 AM -

Harvard Exit Theatre

Romania (Subtitled)

Alex and Kiki meet at the university and become fast girlfriends. Enter Sandu, tormented with jealousy. Is he Kiki's brother or her jealous lover? LOVE SICK is remarkable for its matter-of-fact attitude towards love without rules.

Mom's Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mother's Custody

Saturday, June 10th - 4:00 PM -

Egyptian Theatre

United States

An important documentary of GLBT history, MOM'S APPLE PIE looks at Seattle-based Lesbian Mothers Defense Fund, founded in the early 1970s as a resource for mothers whose children were being legally removed from their care based solely on the fact that they were Lesbians. Narrated by Kate Clinton.

Small Town Gay Bar

Saturday, June 10th - 9:30 PM -

Broadway Performance Hall

Tuesday, June 13th - 4:45 PM -

Broadway Performance Hall

United States

In the Deep South, where homosexuals are often neither welcome nor tolerated, small communities have sprung up to form the only Gay-friendly environments around. SMALL TOWN GAY BAR looks at the rural watering holes that allow and encourage their patrons to be out and proud. Documentary

Go West

Monday June 12th - 2:00 PM -

Pacific Place Theatre

Wednesday June 14th - 6:45 PM -

Pacific Place Theatre



Gay lovers Kenan, a Muslim cellist, and Milan, a Serbian student, fight to survive the brutal inter-ethnic wars of early-'90s Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dreaming of peace, happiness and acceptance, they travel west with one of them disguised in drag, in a film that provocatively addresses subjects once thought taboo in Eastern Europe.

Time To Leave

Friday June 16th - 7:00 PM -

Neptune Theatre

Saturday June 17th - 1:30 PM -

Neptune Theatre

France (Subtitled)

A cocky Parisian fashion photographer's carefree lifestyle is destroyed with the discovery of a swiftly progressing tumor. A chance encounter with a waitress, however, gives him a chance to leave a legacy. Setting aside his usual narrative gamesmanship, director François Ozon (SWIMMING POOL) delivers a sparse, deeply felt meditation on The End.

Strangers With Candy

Saturday June 17th - 7:00 PM -

Neptune Theatre

United States

This is the hilarious and harrowing tale of Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a 47-year-old ex-junkie whore who returns home after 32 years as a runaway. This former boozer, user and loser picks up right where she left off, as a high school freshman, in the big screen prequel to the cult favorite TV show.

Broken Sky

Saturday June 17th - 9:00 PM -

Harvard Exit Theatre

Sunday June 18th - 11:00 AM -

Harvard Exit Theatre

Mexico (Subtitled)

A chance encounter in a disco spins an established Gay couple into an erratic, dangerously decaying orbit. Exhibiting breathtaking command of the medium, director Julian Hernandez presents a near-wordless love triangle between three attractive young men.

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