June 9, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 23
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Where It's At: Snow Patrol expands to larger audience at the Paramount Theatre with new album and tour
Where It's At: Snow Patrol expands to larger audience at the Paramount Theatre with new album and tour
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer

Snow Patrol w/ opening acts
Thursday, June 15 - 8:00pm
Paramount Theatre -
Tix $23 through

Two years ago, Snow Patrol played The Showbox in downtown Seattle. This week, they're performing to what will likely be a sold out crowd at the Paramount Theatre. Big deal? You better believe it. Hopping from a venue with only one bathroom, per gender, to a three-story concert hall with VIP Lounge, built-in bar, carpeted lobby, dressing room that includes a Jacuzzi tub (Franz Ferdinand's Bob Hardy pointed that out to me) and multiple restrooms in a two year timeframe is a big fucking deal. Had you asked me in 2004 if Snow Patrol would someday be privileged to a Jacuzzi tub in its dressing room, I would've replied very confidently and with a touch of sass while rolling my eyes, "Duh!". Indeed, in no time flat Snow Patrol skipped big and went directly to huge.

The success of Snow Patrol can be largely credited to Final Straw (SGN's Top Ten Albums/CDs, 2004), the group's major label debut that featured the hit single "Run" (SGN's Top Ten Singles/Tracks, 2004). Being at the right place, right time didn't hurt either. Snow Patrol was among a wave of rock bands, including Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Keane and Bloc Party, from the UK who struck gold in recent years across the Atlantic. Snow Patrol, which stretched from a quartet to a quintet after keyboardist Tom Simpson was officially brought on board, released their new album Eyes Open last month. Seattle Gay News partnered with the record label for a CD release party on Capitol Hill, where fans were able to ear-sample and pre-order it in advance.

Gary Lightbody, lead singer and guitarist of Snow Patrol, was diagnosed with an infection in his throat not long ago. His vocal cords had ugly growth thingies sprouting on them. Icky. This forced the fivesome to postpone several dates on their summer tour itinerary. Fortunately, the Seattle show was unaffected. At press time, I learned that Lightbody is making a strong recovery. He should be in fine form at the Paramount. He was an English and Philosophy major in college. He stands tall at 6 foot 3. He's a movie and music buff. He writes all of Snow Patrol's music. And if he were to ask me to move to Glasgow and polish his doorknobs each day for the rest of my life, I'd be on the next plane there. First-class. With a good book and my hands nicely manicured.

Snow Patrol will be awesome at the Paramount Theatre. They'll give loads of attention to new material, but will undoubtedly backspin to Final Straw and play "Run", "Chocolate", "Spitting Games" and "Wow". Hipster girls and urban-type boys, straight and Gay and still wondering, will be there in droves. Partying dudes with accents tend to show up for Snow Patrol concerts, due to the fact that the band is originally from Ireland (even though they're based out of Scotland). It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway - Snow Patrol is very easy on the eye. Besides Lightbody and Simpson, the group consists of guitarist Nathan Connelly, bassist Paul Wilson and drummer John Quinn. Augustana and The Duke Spirit open the show. - A. Rodriguez

Pre-concert CD recommendations: Eyes Open featuring "Shut Your Eyes", "Chasing Cars", and "Hands Open". Also, Final Straw featuring "Run", "Chocolate" and "Tiny Little Fractures".

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