June 9, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 23
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Joshua Radin interview coming next week; Scissor Sisters announce new CD title and release date; contest details for James Blunt autographed poster
Interview with up and coming singer-songwriter Joshua Radin coming next week

Ready. Set. Showtime. June 13 marks the release date for Joshua Radin's debut album on Sony-BMG Records entitled We Were Here. This is one of the best CDs I've listened to in 2006, thus far. It's very reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, Elliott Smith and James Taylor, three artists Radin has been compared to frequently. If you're a Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Josh Kelley or Duncan Sheik fan, you will be greatly pleased with Joshua Radin. I think he's the next big thing. And aside from creating mesmerizing songs, combining lush arrangements with heartfelt lyrics, he's a smart, passionate, polite and adorable guy outside of the music box. He's as sincere and sweet as they come.

On a couch at Purr Cocktail Lounge last month, Radin and I dove into conversation about his album and how his music got discovered on the Internet. During our chitchat, best friend Zach Braff rang Radin's cell phone. No shit. Being a huge fan of Braff's body of work and body itself, I was pleasantly surprised to have my name brought into their discussion. I didn't speak to Braff directly. But Radin mentioned my existence and true worship to him, and that's more than enough to make me glow. Radin is contributing music to Braff's upcoming film Open Hearts, set for release in 2007. You can sample tracks from We Were Here by going to, or searching his music on Check next week's issue of Seattle Gay News to hear what Joshua Radin had to say inside "The Music Lounge".

Scissor Sisters say "ta-dah" with new album in September

Ta-dah!!! That's the title of Scissor Sisters new CD, minus the exclamation points, scheduled for release on September 26. The first single is called "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". It's been two whole years since we heard from our Sisters, a Grammy-nominated glam-pop group with dance hits that include "Take Your Mama", "Comfortably Numb" and "Laura". They gave a dazzling performance in January 2005 to a sold out crowd at the Paramount Theatre. Afterwards, they sashayed to Diesel's invite-only party downtown. The day before their show I got fitted for a pair of Diesel jeans (I love them) at the same time members of Scissor Sisters got fitted for their jeans. How convenient, eh? I have no information on tour dates, although I was contacted several weeks ago about the "possibility" of Scissor Sisters coming to Seattle this summer. Nothing has been confirmed at this time. When I know, you'll know. An advance copy of Ta-dah is on its way to my desk. I'll let you know what my ears think of it. I'm sure it'll be fabulous. Why wouldn't it be? It's Scissor Sisters!

Enter our "You're Beautiful Photo Contest" to win a signed James Blunt poster

Here's the skinny on the James Blunt autographed poster giveaway. Seattle Gay News is sponsoring a "You're Beautiful Photo Contest", starting today and running through June 23. We're looking for original photos that represent beauty, as interpreted by you. It can be photos of your partner or spouse, grandparents, newborns, pets, the ocean, or even a picture taken at your commitment ceremony. Photos in traditional print format can be sent to the SGN offices (address to follow), and images in digital or electronic format can be emailed to All photos must be accompanied with a name and phone number, and persons in the photo must be available to grant permission for print in the Seattle Gay News.

The grand prizewinner receives the James Blunt autographed, framed photo, a copy of the artist's double-platinum album Back to Bedlam and a ten dollar gift certificate to Julia's on Broadway. Three runners-up will receive a copy of Back to Bedlam and a ten dollar gift certificate to Julia's on Broadway. The grand prizewinner and runners-up will have their photos featured in the June 30 issue of the Seattle Gay News and their winning photos will be forwarded to Blunt's management. Photos will not be mailed back. Photos with inappropriate content (use your judgement) will be disqualified. Blunt is a two-time Brit Award winner with chart topping singles that include "You're Beautiful" and "High". He has appeared on Oprah and Ellen television programs. The poster, framed by U-Frame It on Capitol Hill, is gorgeous. Blunt signed it "To Seattle Gay Pride", so it's a one of a kind item. Enter as many times. Blunt continues our annual Pride poster-signing giveaway, started last year by Grammy-nominated trio Keane.

Send digital/electronic, with name of photographer and evening phone number, images to:

Send traditional prints, with name of photographer and evening phone number, to:

"You're Beautiful Photo Contest"

c/o Seattle Gay News

1605 12th Ave., Suite 31

Seattle, Washington 98122

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