June 9, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 23
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Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

First, I think it must be said, and it must be said by me, (one because I'm an ordained minister honey, and two, because my brain still works!), so I'm saying it. The "Da Vinci Code" isn't a horrid film, and it actually (if your mind is open enough) could make one think of what might have happened, if, say Jesus had had a mad affair with Mary Magdalene and there was a daughter (not a son, dahling, a daughter!), who was poised to anchor The Church. Can you just see it? The whole world more Goddess-like, with buildings in the shape of vaginas, not penises, and well, the whole danged world-since we all know it's the Judeo-Christian myth that rules the current right wing horror that we're seeing-being more feminine?

Pou-say power, I say, and right now. So, the next time you want to put someone down, how about using "you're such a butthole," instead of saying "you're such a pussy!" After all, the 'p' is strong enough to push out kids, take all sorts of things and essentially last and last. There, you have it from myself, my thoughts on the whole 'Da Vinci' thang.

I saw the film with "new sweetie" on Memorial Day and have been just buzzing with ideas of my own since then. Let's just say, when "Prayerland" disappears from these pages, there might just be a new fiction working from the idea that Jesus might have at least had a female sibling. Stay tuned sister and fellow travellers! And yes, I not only found time for a new sweetie (two actually!), but "the harem" still keeps yours truly's motor running fit and fine. I even attended a recent Mariner's game with one of my "toys" (our team kicked butt, 0 to 4, with ours being the winning score!), and had one helluva time eating ballpark food and screaming my head off for "the home team." Honey if you haven't been to a game, you should go; it's so liberating to be cruising 'pretty panties'-like the girl who revealed her 'Victoria's Secret' thong to any and everyone every time she sat down-off the Hill.

That brings me to a more serious matter. Why the flip are folks thinking we need a parade downtown? I'm just sayin'. I mean, the last time I was cruising the behind of a certain cell phone hottie, downtown, the reaction I got from the guy next to me was certainly not friendly and the reaction from "Mr. And Mrs. Tourist First Nighter" wasn't too cool either. No, I probably won't be doing that tour of duty, but keeping my bodacious booty on the Hill, where I can flirt, cruise and even kiss willing lasses, and not need a frikkin' bodyguard standing nearby. But, on the diplomatic side, I do support the part of our community that does feel it necessary to march into what I think of as "the belly of the beast." I pray nothing untoward happens to any of them, or anyone in the community on our day of celebrating. To get my wholly serious thoughts, read my commentary on the matter.

And with all of the fun I've been having at The Wet Spot here lately, with topping two new bottoms and having fantasies come true, you'd think I wouldn't have time to try any new cosmetics, but sweetie, I am a multi-tasker. So, here are things I think you simply must have if you're going to glow for the weeks leading up to and after Pride (and we all know everyone wants to look their best for Pride, sweetie pie). First, if you're lamenting the fact that there's scarce been enough sun to give your skin that "I've been living well" look, lament no more, because a few brushes of Covergirl's "Cheekers Bronzer," and you will look like you live in Malibu. Add some of Maybelline's new line of lipglosses and lipsticks (I recommend "Summer Sunset"), in their super moisture line and you will be fabulous and ready for any party or outing.

I also highly recommend Pal Zilleri's 'No. 18' eau de toilette, as well as Aquarama and Lotto Parfums (now doesn't that name just make you feel lucky, dahling?) "Man." All are light and refreshing and perfect for Spring and Summer, when you want lighter scents. Good for Butch and Femme, believe me, and any of them can make someone you're aiming for want to get to know you better; trust me on this one! Pick these up at Nordstrom's and the above items at, guess what, Bartels baby. Yes, you can buy very luscious pretty things at the drugstore; you just have to trust what I'm tellin ya, ya heard? 'Kay!

"So, this is the wonder girl I've just been hearing so much about. And to think, I didn't even know she was living in my building." Vex, who had always, somewhere in her heart, wanted a grandchild, was watching the little girl which Oona (she was still wrapping her brain around this whole, strange evening's events) had told her about, who was playing with a cat in a corner of Bo's apartment. She had taken her 'guest' (hard to call something&.someone, with eight legs, who still reminded her of a spider, a friend, yet) down to Bo's, because for the life of her, she couldn't think of anyone else she'd rather share this story with (and she had to share it, or her mind would melt). Vex was thinking of this, and feeling uncomfortable at the way Bo smiled at her just now, watching her watching Miracle and the cat. Heck, a pet she didn't know about and a person living in her building she didn't know about, on her watch, and a being from some place everyone else had been dreaming about, except her, Vex. A lot to take in all at once, she thought, but turning back to look into the kind and wise eyes of the "spider woman," she suddenly relaxed and all of her fears and uncertainties seemed to vanish.

"She ain't exactly a wonder, she's a child, Vex, a child, and they're comin'ta try an' get her, do somethin' evil, maybe even kill her, if we don't do somethin'.&" Miracle looked up from her play, and the cat sat up, ears flattened, as it emitted a low growl. Vex suddenly realized the cat was maybe something more too. Her neck hairs stood on end.

"Be calm, elder one. She's just reacting as any animal would to what she feels might be an unsafe situation. And yes, here, she's 'just a cat'. Only in out world is she more." Vex felt her face go red, all the way up to her ears, knowing the woman could figure her out, no matter how deep she tried to hide inside the nooks and crannies of her cranium. "And no, the danger is not to her, necessarily, but possibly because of her." She explained the predicament their two worlds were in, where certain members of the Tribal Conciliation had recently grown disgruntled and wanted more of a return to the 'old ways', when predator tribes hunted weaker ones, and debunked anything resembling the 'legends' which had trickled into their world through the visions of a few of their 'seers', becoming disseminated into the larger populace. Now, The Spirit of All Things, which all abided by in their world, had come into flesh in the human world, something their own stories had predicted, and an event that would once again bring harmony to both worlds.

Only, as Vex listened, that part wasn't so clear, so she watched little Miracle, with her skin the color of a fresh baked ginger cookie and hair like the Black man Vex had been set to marry in her 'salad days'. Before the middle of the Sino-Middle Eastern war had reached out its grabby hand and taken him, then killed him, like so many before him. Tears came to her eyes at that thought, and without thinking, she was up on her feet, and then off them, kneeling over the girl, her arms trembling around her, protective. "Well, they'll have to take me first. I ain't lettin' no one who looks like Davide be whooped up on by them rascals again, nope, not this time, senor." And that was that, though as the room took on an eerie quiet, where they were able to hear the now-calm cat's soft purrs, as Miracle went back to rubbing its head. No one was sure what 'that' was, only that a decision had been made that would change them.

Kai Lin was thinking of the 'old days', the burn of the Scotch from his private stash, one he'd hoarded when his original company had bottomed out back in the 'sixes' , feeling like the beginning of a bad night. He was already past the toasty feeling he'd had earlier and was now fully drunk, his head a great weight of jumbled memories of people he'd pushed from their tiny, little thrones, and those whose asses he'd kissed to rise to power, back in the days of true wealth. Real money: how his hands remembered that feel, and how it made him feel like even God couldn't touch him. What people around him did to be closer to it, have some of their own.

Now, there was just his lavishly adorned townhouse (one of many in the Fortresses of Light, the last of his companies that still had any kind of success), his stash of old liquors, some jewels that had been given to him by expatriate rebel leaders from warring countries he'd propped up with his wealth, and the certain feeling of his mortality. "Fuck you, fuck you all, damn it.&" His curses to the empty sitting room and its accoutrements dribbled away into gibberish in Japanese. He was beginning to snooze, the glass falling from his hand and coming to rest on the lush carpet, when the little man appeared from what seemed to be a beam of sunlight.

"Whadyouwan'?" Kai Lin's voice was heavy, filled with an impotent but vivid rage. He tried to jerk upward, but only ended up falling back into the chair under him. It made a rude sound and Kai Lin laughed like a teenager, which also brought a chuckle from the man walking toward him.

"Only your hand, to give you something very special. No, don't try to get up again, here, just take it and I'll leave you to figure out its use and who should&benefit from its&gift." And with that, the man, called Kau'eej in his own world, delicately put a small vial of liquid into Kai Lin's hand and closed the fingers gently around it, almost like he'd have done with a child.

"Will it make me rich again?" Kai Lin held the vial up to the light, saw something mysterious move within the glass walls of his gift.

"No, it will bring an answer, to both our worlds." With that, the man simply wasn't there anymore. Kai Lin slipped the vial into his robe pocket, his hand on it, delighting in the warm feeling of joy he suddenly felt and beginning to dream about a place where a woman who looked like a cat approached him, her full lips parting, her arms opening to welcome him.

The woman, who picked us up in Jai Lin's car, didn't take us to the "training place" as I'd suspected she might (what, trust someone who drove the same car of the woman who'd kidnapped me and Lisa and set in motion days of misery?), and her fear was something I could smell above the clean, leather smell of the upholstery. What the hell was going on here and why did she say Jelly's name as if something really awful had happened to her?

"We'll have to walk from here." So, without any kind of conversation on the matter, me and Lisa were ushered out of the car and into an alley I'd never seen before, one that made my stomach's already uncertain status become even more unstable. The Fortresses of Light, my inner voice blurted, and I was definitely sure I wasn't going to like wherever it was this woman was taking us.

So, when we ended up in a dark hallway, being led by a complete stranger to Goddess knows where, I started to work up some real anger. I was almost to full berserker mode when our little trek ended and we were led to another hallway, then pulled by our hostess into a doorway then into a tight elevator with artificial light that made me a little dizzy. Somehow I knew this is part of what we might have seen that last time we were here, had we been awake.

At the end of the ride, on the other side of another door, Jai Lin waited. After acting like they'd been apart for centuries, not hours, kissing and hugging and all the stuff Jelly did when I came home, she looked at us. "I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but things have gotten&my father&" She turned back to her friend and they hugged again like little girls scared that mommy or daddy was coming home to punish them after they'd been bad at school. "Her father's convinced that your girlfriend&"

"Wife&" Now I was really mad, but the friend ignored me and continued speaking, hurriedly.

"Wife. Knows something about a little girl the 'crags' have been dreaming about, who they say will change our world." She got quiet and, still holding Jai Lin, stared at me, as if I was the Oracle or something. Lisa grabbed my shoulder so painfully, I almost turned, with my anger on full now, and clocked her one, but thought differently at the last minute and just pushed her hand away.

"When&who told you this shit." I glared at Jai Lin's friend, who looked at me levelly, her eyes revealing things I hadn't seen before, and which made me flinch. This one had known pain, and had known the kind of hiding Jelly and I had known after The Edict (that law, against same sex relationships of any kind, was declared by the more fanatic fringe of our now-defunct government, in its last days). I almost softened, for a moment, then I remembered, she knew about my Jelly. I was back to being a bulldog mother, with her puppies being threatened.

"What Pjijjz isn't saying is that my father's always thought some rival would come for him, and lately he's been sampling a 'product' he made, one that makes one&imagine things. He's been listening to street gossip from his thugs, anything, because he knows he's done for." She said that last, looking into my eyes, and I remembered the promise I'd made to her and the "product" she was talking about. The one that had made me say and do things I never wanted to think about again, the first time she'd kidnapped me and brought me to this place.

"Look, we'll help you get rid of your father, just&I need to see Jelly." Their eyes got wide and my mouth went dry. Then I knew what I'd been trying not to think all night. Jelly was in that hellhole we'd been in, and I'm sure they had done even worse to her, knowing Jai Lin's father wanted 'information'.

"I'll sneak you past the Mortes, but you can't do anything, not yet, not before&"

"Before you take care of daddy dear, sure, no prob." I had to work hard not to go crazy and hit her then, to just let my fear, my anger, and my feeling that everything I loved was being taken from me take over at that moment. I felt Lisa hug me, let myself sag into her sturdy, grounded warmth.

"I'll go&" Lisa turned me to face me before I could get the words out: "Fuck you, I'm going."

I said, "I'll go. Look at yourself, this won't help her, and you could get yourself killed too." That statement hung in the room for a moment, and we all didn't speak at first.

When we did, it was Jai Lin. "Fine, then we go to her now, before 'the games'. Pjiijjz, you stay here. I'll come back my love, and if I don't, we'll see each other again. Didn't I promise you?" They kissed and my heart and stomach did a tango that buckled my knees but I stayed on my feet. How I suddenly wished the last thing I'd been with Jelly, the last time I saw her, was angry.

Jeremy felt something licking at his eye. He jerked his body up, instantly regretting the quick motion, as pain hit everywhere in his body at once, but mostly in his gut. He looked out of his swollen eyes to see the small animal he first thought was a rat, looking at him with cunning eyes. It was a squirrel, something he hadn't seen in too many years, and something he'd have never imagined could be here, in this dark, evil smelling place. As he eased his bruised body into a more comfortable sitting position, he saw the little creature holding something in its paws that glittered in the dim light. A key, a fucking key!

He wanted to shout out loud, but knew it would probably hurt and probably alert the same thugs who'd put him in this wicked circumstance. Instead, he took the key and placed it in his pants pocket. He also accepted the half of something that tasted like bread from the little creature, his mind telling him this all must be some weird dream, but to enjoy it anyway. He started to feel pretty comfy, pain aside, when he head heavy footsteps outside the door and keys jingling.

"Wahl, looka that, willya, the little devil's still sleepin' off the trouncin' we give 'im. Think we should wake 'im an&." More footsteps, but softer and the smell of heavy perfume, and under that, urine and something he refused to know about. "Ah, the princess arrives! Welcome yer highness."

Jeremy heard the slap, heard a slurry grunt, heard a body hit the floor, hard, then the laughter of his jailers, their jeers. Then the door was closed and locked and there was only silence again. When he was sure they were gone, he inched his way painfully across the slick floor, trying not to breath in smells that threatened to overwhelm him, toward the unmoving body. Good, she was still breathing at least, but they'd given her quite the workover, Jeremy thought as he slowly, gently tried to turn over his new cell mate.

"No, no, please&." He recognized the voice, even as it came out uneven, drugged. Trying not to hurt her more, he held Jelly, his eyes filling with tears, which spilled onto the floor and streaked Jelly's dirty cheeks as she slept, unaware. Then the sound of little feet on the much used floor of the cell made him remember the key in his pants pocket.

"Come on, little one, come on, let's get the hell out of here." Gritting his teeth against the pain, Jeremy hauled the woman, who had a smile that reminded him of his sister, so long lost to 'the death' that he'd almost forgotten her, toward the door, and the hope of freedom. As he struggled with the key, he didn't notice the squirrel sit up and regard him with nearly human eyes, or the wisp of smoke that appeared near it, which turned into a dark woman, clothed in late evening colored silks.

"Do you think anyone will find out?" she whispered.

The squirrel shimmered, became the little man, Ka'uejj, from before. "If they do, it won't matter. Don't worry, what must be will become what is."

They smiled, and deep inside Majooka prayed, not only for her world, but for this one as well, and also wished her kjiin were here to stop her from fearing the worst.

So, there you are my little caramel chocolates, and I hope you're keeping up, because the grand finale's only weeks away! Then there'll be the book and maybe, if yours truly is very, very lucky, the indie film. So stay tuned, above all things, and do e-mail me your thoughts, but no more spam, hmmmm? E-mail me at, and look for the special Pride edition of Lipstick and Lust in another week.

Me, I'm going home to get some nourishment and rest my very tired body, after another 'sin' sational night at The Wet Spot last night with all of my favorite sweeties and a bottom I have to give props to for taking what this little top can dish out without complaining once. High five dearie! Buh bye!

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