June 23, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 25
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Hutcherson vows to 'hit hard' against new law barring anti-Gay discrimination
Hutcherson vows to 'hit hard' against new law barring anti-Gay discrimination
Signatures for a potential ballot measure to be collected in January, he claims

Shortly before the Seattle Gay News went to print, it was reported that the Rev. Ken Hutcherson has announced plans to challenge our state's new law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The anti-Gay pastor said he plans to start collecting signatures in January for a potential ballot measure to repeal the law.

Hutcherson had backed Tim Eyman's effort to put Referendum 65 on the fall ballot, which failed to receive the 112,440 valid signatures needed to qualify. His Eastside church, Antioch Bible Church, had helped to gather signatures as part of "Referendum Sunday," an effort by a network of conservative churches who backed the referendum.

He also took credit for bullying Microsoft into temporarily withdrawing its support of the legislation and organized the 2004 "Mayday for Marriage Rally" at Safeco Field. In addition, Hutcherson is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at an Exodus International conference next week in Marion, Indiana.

According to a posting by The Stranger's News Editor Josh Feit on the alternative weekly's website, Hutcherson called personally to break the news to the paper's staff. The former Seahawk linebacker said that Eyman's efforts where a "mistake" and that he intends to "hit hard," using a football metaphor to stress his point.

"Eyman was the...quarterback, and we sent the quarterback out to do the blocking. That was a mistake," he told The Stranger. "Now, we're going to send the linebackers out, and we're going to hit hard."

Gary Randall, President of the Faith and Freedom Network, had told the SGN on June 6th that his organization may consider an Initiative to the Legislature. A posting on the group's website a week later said only that the Faith and Freedom Network leadership would be "reviewing what the real options are for re-visiting" the new law.

An Initiative to the Legislature would require that nearly 225,000 valid signatures be collected and turned into the Secretary of State's office at least 10 days prior to the start of the next Legislative session.

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