June 23, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 25
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Enjoy it now, because 'Sex In Seattle' won't be back until next year, so go and laugh at Episode 13'
Enjoy it now, because 'Sex In Seattle' won't be back until next year, so go and laugh at Episode 13'
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Sex In Seattle: Episode 13:

Risking It

All For Love

Richard Hugo House

June 2-24th

I'm not sure anyone but myself and a few folks that I know well, are enjoying sex in Seattle, as in the act, not the play. I say this because there was a scene in the recent episode of the long-running show that I thought was mildly amusing, but had a whole row of people whooping and hollering like high schoolers. Kind of sad, but oh well. As for the latest episode of one of my favorite staged soap operas, 'Episode 13: Risking It All For Love' is every bit as funny and sexy as the other shows.

To catch you up, if you haven't seen the show, Elizabeth (Kathy Hsieh) has been kidnapped by her former boyfriend/fiance, Kenneth (Kelly M. Ogilvie) and his friend, George (Gavin Cummins), to keep her from marrying rich but shifty Harold Chinn (Viet Nguyen). So, Harold goes after her, after weasling the truth out of her friend, Tess (Leilani Berinobis), and Colin (Jose Aaoag), and Tess and Colin's 'experiment,' being roomies continues. But it's complicated by a budding relationship between Nathan, Shari's ex (Travis Myers, and Miko Premo)-and Shari was married to Kenneth, but they split up and she's in Korea, teaching English to Korean students. So, that's the story and there are, of course, lots of laughs, innuendos and miscommunications, between exes, currents, and, even, a couple of surprises.

Just go and see the show, whether or not you're enjoying sex in Seattle, for real, or just want to imagine you are while watching this show. It's funny, and it touches on issues around interracial dating (as in white men dating Asian women), which is at times funny, and at times handled a bit awkwardly. Mostly though, the show is a welcome escape from 'the real world', which we all know is pretty danged and dire these days. For ticket information, call: 323-9443, or 325-6500, or go to their website at

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