June 23, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 25
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Early buzz on new Keane CD and tour; Snow Patrol omits Seattle from rescheduled tour; Mariah Carey cancels Key Arena concert, Taking Back Sunday interview coming soon
Keane releases awesome sophomore CD, tour dates coming soon

How good is Keane's new CD? Damn good. Through the roof, as a matter of fact. I honestly can't say, just yet, if it's better than the band's two year-old debut Hopes and Fears (SGN's Top Ten Albums/CDs, 2004). The two albums are worlds apart. But, I'm truly digging the songs on the trio's just-released Under the Iron Sea. The first single "Is It Any Wonder?" is receiving solid rotation on 103.7 FM (The Mountain). I like that cut, though I'm fonder of the tracks "Crystal Ball" and "Nothing in My Way". I was loaned a copy of Under the Iron Sea a month ago and liked what I heard, but wasn't immediately swooned by it as I was by Hopes and Fears. That could change. Keane has a short, sweet history with Seattle Gay News. Last year, the threesome autographed a poster for Gay Pride that we gave away at Manray Video Bar and also submitted a special greeting to our readers (that's you) for Pride. The group, consisting of vocalist Tom Chaplin, keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley and drummer Richard Hughes, should be announcing tour dates soon. I'll keep you posted on a Seattle show. Until then, grab a copy of Under the Iron Sea.

Snow Patrol bucks Seattle from rescheduled fall tour

Here's the short version of Snow Patrol's 2006 tour diary. Snow Patrol announces summer tour dates, with Seattle included. Gary Lightbody, the love of my life in an imaginary world in which I wear nothing but Dolce and Gabana, gets an icky throat infection. Doctor tells him to rest. He rests. He doesn't get better. A few tour dates are postponed, but Seattle show on June 15 is still a go. Lightbody gets worse, not better. Entire tour is postponed. I'm bummed and eat loads of ice cream due to depression. Snow Patrol officially goes on hiatus, so Lightbody can rest. New tour dates are announced and Seattle is axed completely from the rescheduled itinerary, except for an Endfest appearance at White River Amphitheatre. I'm more depressed and eat more ice cream, now in the form of sundaes. I write emails to their publicist and make phone calls to their record label. They think I should get a life. Probably true. At press time, I'm told there's a slight possibility Snow Patrol may still headline a concert in Seattle come September. Though, nothing's been confirmed. What I do know is that I'm ten pounds heavier from all of this.

Mariah Carey cancels Seattle show due to scheduling conflict

The email I got from the tour promoter regarding Mariah Carey's show at Key Arena this fall being canceled said there was a scheduling conflict. The voice inside my head, which often tells me to eat junk food when I shouldn't, informs me that Seattle may not have produced strong enough ticket sales out of the gate for the Grammy-winning pop diva. What's interesting is that Carey was to perform in Seattle on September 25, but now she's playing in Calgary that night. Then, she flies back to the West Coast for a show in Sacramento. Her schedule goes: Vancouver to Calgary to Sacramento. Sound wonky? Yes. And I'll let it rest there. Bottom line is if you want to see Mariah Carey in concert in the Northwest, head to Vancouver BC. That show is scheduled for September 23 at GM Place. I recommend staying at the glamorous and celebrity-loved Opus Hotel (604) 642-6787, a quick fifteen-minute walk to the concert.

Taking Back Sunday interview coming soon, concert at The Premier in late July

Taking Back Sunday is a super-cool hard rock group whose music video for "MakeDamnSure" can currently be seen on MTV and Fuse channels. The band kicks off a summer tour this week and arrives in Seattle next month at The Premier. Tickets for the show, scheduled for July 27, are on sale now and the bill includes Head Automatica and The Subways. I spoke to the group's bassist Matt Rubano soon after they returned to the US from a string of concert dates in Europe. He was the nicest guy ever. We talked for about twenty minutes on the phone, and it went by too quickly. I wanted to keep talking to him all day. He was hanging out at a friend's place in the Chelsea district (very Gay hood) in New York. He's straight, by the way. Bummer! But he's Gay friendly, and cool with having Gay fans. Rubano got hurt onstage during a show in Europe, hitting his head with a microphone. Ouch. Better the head than the crotch. Or, is it? Anyway, stayed glued to "The Music Lounge" for an interview with Matt Rubano from Taking Back Sunday next month.

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