August 4, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 31
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Scott Kasemeier
Scott Kasemeier
At 13:00 hours, Scott Kasemeier, Boe Oddisey's lover since August 2, 1994, jumped to his death on July 24, 2006 after suffering many psychiatric episodes.

At 8 PM on July 31, 2006, about 30 people gathered, sprinkled salt, burned sage, rang bells, and talked in an effort to cleanse ground zero.

His ashes were laid to rest next to his mother and father in Mountain View Cemetery.

His favorite food was macaroni and cheese with carrot salad with lots of cottage cheese and milk. He loved wearing leather and spent endless hours hammering away on his calculator producing reams of figures. All the paperwork strained the relationship. He was very proud of his pony tail, combing for hours.

There will be a celebration of his life at University Lutheran Church, 1604 NE 50th St at 11:30 AM on Sunday, August 6. There will be an open mic with a 2 minute limit per person to allow everyone an opportunity to share their memories. Brief singing, speech, drums, bells and light potluck - fresh fruit and bread - will be provided. Come as you are.

Boe is continuing to scarf dance.

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