August 4, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 31
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Arts and Entertainment
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Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Stevie Nicks and Eddie Vedder, thrill rowdy White River crowd
by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A&E Writer

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers w/ special guests Stevie Nicks and Eddy Vedder
July 30 @ White River Amphitheatre

As long as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers keep rocking, we'll keep listening.

The veteran rock group celebrated thirty years as a recording artist and touring act at White River Amphitheatre Su
Seattle Gay News seeks Arts & Entertainment Style & Trends writer
Seattle Gay News is seeking a Style & Trends writer for an existing column in our weekly Arts & Entertainment section. This is a non-paid position, however it does entitle the selectee to benefits within our publication and the opportunity to work directly with clothing retailers, travel and hospitality representatives, restaurant and bar-lounge m more
Deep Inside Hollywood
Rob Schneider Makes It Big

Romeo is trying his hardest to give hyperactive funnyman Rob Schneider the benefit of the doubt about his latest project, but after sitting through Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo, it's a bit of a challenge. In any event, the SNL grad plans to make his directorial debut with the comedy Big Stan. The premise
Woody Allen's Scoop is evidence that his career as an 'auteur' has rock-bottomed
by Derich Mantonela - SGN A&E Writer

Playing Now, Various Theaters

Sophomoric, shallow, totally unoriginal, morbidly awash in self-parody, painfully un-funny & downright ugly. Woody Allen's "Scoop" provides medically-definable evidence that his career as an "auteur" has rock-bottomed out.

Enough, already, abo
Pete Yorn sounds mighty fine with new material at The Crocodile Café
by Jessica Browning - SGN A&E Writer

Pete Yorn
July 28 @ The Crocodile Cafe

If you weren't squeezed inside The Crocodile Cafe last Friday, you missed a chance to see Pete Yorn up close and personal before he undoubtedly moves on to more sizeable venues all over the country. He's on the cusp of major stardom, and
Joshua Radin mini-interview coming next week; James Blunt announces November concert; kind words to Seattle Gay News from Vienna Teng; seven-disc box set is a gem for Bjork fans
in Bits & Bytes
ACT hosts world premiere of controversial Mitzi's Abortion, Seattle Opera opens Der Rosenkavalier
Garrison Keillor brings variety to the Chateau Ste Michelle with A Prairie Home Companion
by Lorelei Quenzer - SGN A&E Writer

A Prairie Home Companion starring Garrison Keillor
July 21 @ Chateau Ste Michelle

Variety programming isn't dead, contrary to horrible TV programming like "America's Got Talent." It's just moved back to where it belongs: radio. And despite host/author/raconteur Garrison Keillor "
Leo Kottke gets warm reception from family-filled Zoo Tunes audience
by Lorelei Quenzer - SGN A&E Writer

Leo Kottke
July 23 @ Washington Mutual Zoo Tunes

It's over 94 degrees and I can't believe poor Leo Kottke has to stand in the full sun and perform for us. The WaMu Zoo Tunes show is technically sold out, but there are a mysterious number of tickets still available at the box offi
A fun & scary animated film for all ages - a violent, but very slick Miami Vice remake
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Monster House

Directed by Gil Kenan
With voiceovers by: Steve Buscemi, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Lee
Catherine O'hara, Kathleen Turner, Fred Willard
Now playing

Miami Vice

Directed by Michael Mann
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Colin Farre

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