October 20, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 42
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ANOTHER SCARY NIGHT OF NUNS - 'Sister Dawnna's Nightmare' returns to RPlace
ANOTHER SCARY NIGHT OF NUNS - 'Sister Dawnna's Nightmare' returns to RPlace
by Maggie Bloodstone - SGN A&E Writer

If, like the Monty Python song goes, you were Catholic as soon as you were warm, it's a safe bet after years of foreboding, ruler-wielding penguins making you kneel on pencils and instilling mortal terror in you for even entertaining the notion of touching your 'dirty place', not much is able to scare you. Well, it's time to face your fears, as The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey Of St. Joan, present Sr. Dawnna's Nightmare '06 at RPlace, Oct. 29.

This is the Hallow's Eve bash that promises more nuns per square foot than any other party in Seattle. This year's theme is 'Nuns From Hell', which, in the Abbey's case, may be redundant, but the more nuns, the more fun, as anyone who's attended an S.P.I. event knows. Be prepared to blow off work Monday, cause the combination of Sisters, atmosphere, drink specials, and cash for best costumes will bring out the most over-the-edge creativity this side of Leigh Bowery. Past entrants have included the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Edward Munch's The Scream, the stewardesses from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the crew from Red Dwarf, and more variations on Cher than you care to imagine.

Over the last six years, "Sister Dawnna's Nightmare" has raised thousands of dollars for charity. This money is distributed to community organizations through a granting process that takes place on The Sisters anniversary in July of each year. Past recipients of these grants have been Camp Ten Trees, Lambert House, Verbena, Rosehedge, Veterans for Equal Rights, Home Alive, and many more& These non-profits serve the GLBTQ community in a variety of ways. By offering a granting process, The Sisters diversify the impact of the money they raise throughout the year.

Steve Timmons, owner of R Place, approached The Sisters with the idea of creating a Halloween party that would rival the best parties in town. Together they have done just that, with the added benefit that every cent of the donations received that evening go to charity. "We work very hard to make sure that every one who comes to this event takes home some great memories", says Sister Dawnna Creation. "This is by far my favorite event of the year, not only because I love Halloween, but because it is a fantastic party that I get to host along with all my Sisters!"

R Place and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence share the idea that you must give back to the community that supports you, and "Nightmare" is the perfect avenue to do just that. The Sisters will be out promoting the evening between now and the 29th, with advance tickets for sale which will get you in the door with no waiting in line until 10pm (so have your $ ready when you see a sparkling Bride Of Christ approaching you at your favorite watering hole). "The suggested donation is $5 per person, but more is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated," says Sister Dawnna.

"We plan this event on a separate night from the other parties to give people a 'second chance' to wear their costumes and have fun" Steve Timmons says, "I think we get some of the most creative and elaborate costumes at this event, and I'm blown away every year by the creativity."

Check out for more information on The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and future manifestations, and for additional information about R Place and its events.

'Sr. Dawnna's Nightmare' happens Sunday, October 29th, 2006 8pm-closing. $5.00 to benefit "The Sisters' Anniversary Grant Fund" Costume Contest: 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250. Contest entry by 11:45pm, contest at midnight. R Place Bar and Grill is located at 619 E. Pine St.

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