November 17, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 46
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Saturday, Feb 13, 2016



Founded 1973

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Editor In Chief
George Bakan
Associate Editor
Tom Flint
Managing Editor
Robert Raketty
SGN Staff
Calendar Editors
Mike Andrew and Rick McKinnon
Travel Editor
Ira Gruber
Advertising Manager
Marty Weisbrod
Advertising Department
Mike Andrew, Maggie Bloodstone, Travis Johnson
Executive Assistant
Mike Andrew
News Writing Staff
George Bakan, Robert Raketty, Albert S Rodriguez, Rajket Dirzhud-Rashid
Contributing Writers
Rev. Barbara Allen, Madelyn Arnold, Maggie Bloodstone, Beau Burriola, Jessica Davis, Milton W. Hamlin, Nevin Jefferson, Richard Kennedy, Derich Mantonela, Mike McNamara, Jason A. Miller, Rod Parke, Don Poulson, Lorelei Quenzer, Albert S. Rodriguez, Leslie Robinson, Simon Shepard, Romeo San Vincente, Rex Wockner
Rick McKinnon and Mike Andrew
George Baken, Robert Raketty, Mike McNamara, Rajket Dirzhud-Rashid
National Advertising Rep.
Rivendell Media 212-242-6863
Website Designer and Webmaster

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It is our policy that no money shall be refunded if you choose to cancel your subscription or ad. However, credit towards any size ad will be given for the balance owed. No exceptions.

With the web edition of our newspaper we do our best to reflect the accuracy and content of our published edition. We cannot take responsibility for content which may seem to be out of place with other content and may cause some confusion. Our liability for web advertising is limited to a credit of the money paid for the advertisement or the rerunning of the advertisement in the next web edition(s).

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