December 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 49
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White Christmas dazzles at 5th Avenue
White Christmas dazzles at 5th Avenue
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

White Christmas
Directed by Jamie Rocco, and David Armstrong
Starring Michael Gruber, Tari Kelly, Christina Saffran Ashford
Greg McCormick Allen, Stephen Godwin, Clayton Corzatte, Anthony curry, Chad
Jennings, Olivia Spokoiny, Keaton Whittaker, Bobbi Kotula, Pamela Turpen, Billie
Wildrick and Carol Swarbrick
5th Avenue Theatre
November 25th-December 20th

Okay, I am not really a 'Grinch', but the holidays this year aren't exactly cracking me up with laughter and glee either, so I have to say I really enjoyed 5th Avenue's live version of one of my favorite holiday classics, White Christmas last week. In fact, heck, my heart, like the 'Grinch's,' may have grown an extra inch or two while I watched and hummed along with the familiar and much loved songs.

If you haven't ever seen the show (what, you've lived in a cave all of your life) here's the skinny. Two WWII veterans (Michael Gruber and Greg McCormick Allen), continue the act they started in the army and become world-renowned song and dance men who even appear on the Ed Sullivan show. The two meet two girls (Christina Saffran Ashford and Tari Kelly -- though it was Melissa Lockard the night we saw it) who have an act that needs some promo and presto change-o, the four are off to Vermont, after being tricked by the more enterprising members of their group, Judy and Phil (McCormick Allen and Kelly).

And yes, a show is put on, in a barn, and there are chorus girls who talk like all of the 'movie dames' I've ever seen on late night or late afternoon TV from the '40's and '30's. Of course there's some romance and lots of dancing, singing and snow on the stage. Its a treat for young and old and definitely something to snap you out of the 'holiday blues', take my word for it.

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