December 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 49
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Trial begins in brutal murder of local Gay businessman
Trial begins in brutal murder of local Gay businessman
by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer

The trial of 24-year-old Michael Maiava, who is accused of brutally murdering a 44-year-old businessman he met on a Gay telephone chat line, began on Monday. He faces first-degree murder charges if convicted.

Kevin Patrick Shaw was found inside his parked red Porsche Boxster on the morning of on October 21, 2004. His naked body had been wrapped inside two sheets and a garbage bag and was discovered slumped over the front passenger seat.

According to the Medical Examiner, Shaw's death was caused by a penetrating wound to his head. Shaw had recieved other wounds before his death, including strangulation, a broken back, blunt force trauma and lacerations caused by the binding of his ankles.

Phone records, DNA evidence, and items recovered from Maiava's residence link the suspect to the crime. Witnesses also reported seeing a red Porsche Boxster parked near the suspect's home around the time of the murder.

In February 2005, Maiava admitted to committing the crime but offered detectives a number of inconsistent accounts of the murder. In one account, the suspect claims Shaw attacked him. He also admitted to leaving Shaw's body in his car for two days before driving it to the 1000 block of Sturgus Avenue South in Seattle where it was discovered and attempting to start a fire inside the car to cover up his crime.

In court this week, Maiava's defense attorney, Julie Lawry, said her client wasn't Gay and suggested Shaw may have used the chat line to acquire marijuana and that the seller may have gotten into a fight with Shaw and ended up stabbing him to protect himself.

King County Deputy Prosecutor Jeff Baird told jurors that the evidence will show that "Mr. Shaw was killed methodically, deliberately and slowly."

Shaw lived in a First Hill penthouse and owned Kevin Shaw & Associates, which recruited executives for accounting jobs. He also ran a home improvement business on the side.

Maiava has a criminal record that includes juvenile convictions, five years in prison for second-degree robbery and one year in prison for motor vehicle theft in 2000. He had been released from custody only six months before the murder was committed.

The trail is expected to last several weeks.

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