December 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 49
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[Editor's Note: The following is a letter to the readers of the SGN.]

Does the holiday season put you in a generous, sharing mood like it does so many of us? If so, do you refuse to drop coins into the buckets of the homophobic Salvation Army, or buy your Christmas tree from a lot that is cosponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, another organization that blatantly discriminates against atheists and Gay youth? I know I'll have nothing to do with either one.

You might think that Toys for Tots is a good idea. But remember, donations to them are picked up and delivered by the US Marine Corps. They abide by the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy which forbids GLB people from serving in our armed forces.

But we have other alternatives. There is one that where your donation will stay within our own LGBT community and help LGBT youth have a brighter holiday. I refer, of course, to LAMBERT HOUSE. Lambert House is Seattle's premier LGBT youth organization. This is a place where LGBT youth that don't have supportive families, and some who are homeless, can go for support and find resources they need. Some of these kids will see a Christmas without a gift to open. We can all help to change that. Last year, the kids were surprised that people they didn't even know would give them gifts. That certainly sent a message that we are a community who cares about our own.

Here are some suggestions for gifts you can send to Lambert House to help brighten the holidays for our kids that aren't as fortunate as many of us:

Gift Certificates from: iTunes $5, Safeway $10/$20, Target $10/$20, Starbucks $5/$10, Subway $5 Bus tickets: $1.25 or .50 books

And of course donations of cash (checks) to help Lambert House with administrative and operational expenses are always welcome. Send your donation to: Lambert House, PO Box 23111, Seattle, WA 98102

You can also find ways of supporting Lambert House by visiting their website:

Thanks so much for thinking of Lambert House youth!

Bill Dubay Seattle, WA

[Editor's Note: The following is a letter to SGN readers from Seattle-based HeartStrong]

Hi Everyone...

We are traveling from New Jersey up to Martha's Vineyard to speak at a community meeting with PFLAG, a UCC church and other groups. We are excited about the new opportunity to share about our work.

We have had a number of students in Massachusetts fall victim to anti-GLBT activism by their religious schools. Pretty much every denomination of religious schools is represented in MA: Seventh-day Adventist, Catholic, Nazarene, Baptist and many more.


We are now ready to commence our letter writing campaign. You can begin the process by visiting our website ( Right under the NEWS section is a 'Letter Writing Campaign' link. Click on it and you will be walked through four different letters.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to help us in raising

Awareness about the attempted censorship by the Diocese of Camden, NJ, the Knights of Columbus and Father Pat Lavin. There is also a letter of support for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South Jersey Shore for their brave fight against this prejudice.

WE NEED EVERYONE TO SIGN THESE LETTERS!!! I cannot stress enough how much we need everyone's participation. It takes less than three minutes to click through, sign and submit all four letters. I hope everyone reading this will do it.

I would like to have 1000 copies of each letter signed by Tuesday evening, December 5. Please help us with this project!

Thanks so much!
Marc Adams
Executive Director


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