December 8, 2006
Volume 34
Issue 49
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Saturday, May 30, 2020



Lipstick and Lust
Getting ready for Santa to visit and longing for my 'Army honey' in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Ah, well, what a year it's been my little tiger lilies. Dealing with the hating coming from my 'little soap opera vixen', (who's been less bothersome of late, we wonder why?), falling into and out of love and then into a love that's stripped me like a piece of driftwood, down to my grease and scrap, but taught me so much about what love is and isn't. Shedding some friendships that just weren't working anymore and having all kinds of adventures. Hey, no one will ever say this kid didn't live in this body, when I get to the other side dahlings! Oh yeah!

So, to update all of you who have been following along, no, 'Army love' hasn't rung the old tellyphone yet, but I've still not given up hope, because there is that 'psychic link' between us, don't you know. And hey, isn't that what love is, ever hopeful? Yes, my dears, it is, and patient and never grabby, or prying (something a certain now, ex-friend could and should have learned, but didn't). And yes, I'm still lusting after two or three television stars, and a certain fireman who came to our building recently and another 'man in uniform', (this time a clueless, but hot SPD officer, responding to some call in my building), as well as a certain hot, but shy chef at The Deluxe on Broadway. This is what happens when our girl doesn't get her nethers bumped for so too long dearies; so too, too long.

But, in the mean time, I did check out some yummy, new cosmetics, including 'The Gloss' by Benefit, (which I'm wearing now and loving it!), something that'll give you soft lips even in this harsh weather, something you want for those mistletoe hookups. This, and a whole slew of delish gift baskets from Philosophy, Cargo, Bliss, Nars and many more too numerous to name here, you can get at Sephora (just avoid the one evil salesgirl with the overpuffed lips, as she's not too nice and who needs that this time of year). And I also recommend Versace's clean, delightfully elegant scent, 'Bright Crystal', and Aualina's 'Chocolovers', for those party, holiday nights and special dates. They'll make you smile and you can get them from Nordstrom, form the nice African salesgirl whose name I can't remember at present, but who cheered me up on a certain gloomy Sunday last weekend.

And by all means, do try Philosophy's 'Hope Major' moisturizer and Cosmedicine's 'Optimologist' both the a.m. and p.m. versions for dewy soft skin that doesn't look tired, even after a long night of lusting, and longing, or a busy day of shopping in and out of the weather. And I'm still recommending you check out a few catalogues, particularly the Victorian one and Vermont Store ones that I'm ordering for myself. Its so much easier than going all the way out in the rain, and finding long lines and bitchy salesclerks. But hey, if you must go out, do wander in to Travelers, where you'll find exotic, Indian gifts, delicious treats from India and gorgeous calendars for the New Year. Located at Pine and Summit, they're nice, affordable and carry even great wrapping paper to make your gift look good on the outside too.

And on the subject of gifts, try giving nourishment of body and soul to those you care for. A spa gift from Salon Dewi, or the new Salon Moxi, or that new Swoon salon (all on Pine, between 15th and 12th) or gift cards from Madison Market, Trader Joes or any number of other places, since we all get hungry and need to eat healthy food. Or you could just volunteer to house or apartment sit for someone who needs a break, or make coupon books with things like 'free back rub', 'shoulder to cry on' or other kinds of personal services. Heck, be creative, and you might end up getitng through the holidays with your sanity intact and starting the new year with a whole slew of new, closer friends and loved ones.

So, that's it for now, and if you haven't already, do check out the new Lipstick and Lust blog, which you can reach by going to the SGN website and clicking on the link, Googling Lipstick and Lust or by cutting and pasting the web link ( into your fav' browser. Hope you love the new serial story, 'Annie, Daughter of Mary and Joe', as much as I love writing it, and the new chapter should be online sometime this week. For now, be nice to each other, let love surround you and nourish yourself with all things beautiful and yummy. And do feel free to e-mail me at Buhbye and happy holidays my sweet chocolate santas!

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