March 16, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 11
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Thursday, Sep 24, 2020



Lipstick and Lust
Love, lust and wild abandon at The Wet Spot, the streets of Capitol Hill, and missing e-mail in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

If you've read the blog of this column, you already know that this one has been frantically trying to log in to her e-mail, with no success. Hey, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they won't really seize your account someday, if you piss them off enough. Maybe it's my anti-war phone message that's got someone sniffing around my private stuff, or maybe it's my 'evil, nutjob ex' or 'soap opera vixen'. Hey, you can't be as popular as I am without pissing off someone, now can you? Ah well, things will hopefully sort themselves out eventually, in the mean time, e-mail me at the address below.

And yes, in spite of this little setback, I still managed to have one heck of a time last weekend at The Wet Spot (even though it seemed that the awful weather must have kept an awful lot of folks at home, as attendance was rather spotty). I played with a new bottom, who might graduate to slave status, if that one comes back again this weekend. I sure hope so, as good bottoms for this little sadist are so very hard to find! Also played with my new 'Spot hottie', and had orgasm, after orgasm in that one's capable hands. Oh, oh, and a cute butch bottom asked very nicely if I might show her the ropes in the future, with some lessons in flogging. You can be very sure of it missy, indeed.

Also, if you have been checking out the blog of this column (just Google the name, or go to the SGN website and that should give you info on how to connect with the blog), you know I'm all agog over a certain, very, very hot, smokin' SPD officer, who I bravely walked up to two Mondays ago and asked to give a mention in this very column. Looking stunned and even more appealing, hot, tall and good-looking gave this girl a card, so now I've been having muy caliente fantasies about getting said officer to The Wet Spot, or in the words of the immortal Debbie Harry, 'having a cup of tea' with that one. I'll keep you posted on what develops, if anything does (and oh my, this little minx sure hopes something does!).

So, with all of that 'akshon' going on in the nether regions and bluer parts of my cranium, I still did have time to check out some new cosmetics? Well, honey this is also about lipstick, so yes, I did. I highly recommend Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Lovely', which smells both clean and sophisticated. Just right for Spring. And do try 'Soy Face Cleanser' by Fresh, which you can get along with the most delicious metallic eye pencils (I'm wearing 'Electro Marine' right now, and baby I'm looking hot!), which Sephora is now carrying. Perfect for the warm weather we'll eventually see when Mother Nature decides to stop trying to drown us. I also recommend (again) the Sephora brand, Cosmedicine's 'Primary Care' moisturizer, which looks so good you might not need anything else on your face, but if you want a little rosy cheek look, then do try Becca's 'Wild Orchid' blush and lip tint, which goes on light and looks yummy.

That's it for now, and by all means come and join the thousands of us on the 18th and 19th, when we'll be protesting in the street, the illegal Bush war in the Middle East. I think I'm speaking too, since I'm just sick over 'army sweetie' leaving for Iraq in a few more weeks, and mad too. For now, be nice to each other, spread peace, support the troops by sending them loving thoughts and hopes for their safe return, and stay in love forever. Buhbye!

Oh, before I forget, it must be said. Why did the two reviews I read about that deliciously sexy and hyper violent film, '300' not mention anything about the sex scenes? Could it be that these two folks are not having any themselves? All this one has to say to that is, hmmmm, too bad honey, 'cause the rest of us sure are. Go see the film and ignore whatever you've read that doesn't mention how sexy this film is.

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