March 23, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 12
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University Theater offers wonderful programs for kids, or the kid in all of us
University Theater offers wonderful programs for kids, or the kid in all of us
by Jacob Clark - SGN A&E Writer

Hogwash, a co-production of Jerk Alert Productions and Wing-It Productions, is filling its hour-long Saturday matinee at Historic University Theater with wonder and laughs for K-5 kids and their parents, aunts and uncles in attendance. I highly recommend this to LGBT families, as it has a fresh progressive approach to children's theatre.

The hour consists of more than just sharp, young improvisational actors. A terrific jazz trio The Hamstrings, provides pre-show music (How about the theme from Sesame Street performed with jazz improvisation? It was wonderful.) and sound effects during the play. A visual artist makes up props as required by improvised stories.

The first story is made up from children's ideas and suggestions. At times, the children are invited onstage to help the actors. The actors don't just improvise an involving and humorous story, they also improvise song lyrics to go along with it!

It is great to watch how the actors involve all the kids, including the shy ones, in the creation of the story. The cast is uniformly talented and lively. In the performance I saw, Arthur Allen and Becky Schroeter stole the show, he as an auto mechanic and a leprechaun, she as a clumsy fairy, but it is really is an ensemble effort, and I imagine different performers taking the lead as the each new story unfolds.

This is a show you could take the nephews and nieces to one week, and come back another time, as the play is completely different each Saturday. It would be a great birthday party outing as well. 2 pm Saturdays through May 19. For information and tickets call 206-297-1767.

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