May 18, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 20
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Springtime in the Cascades
Springtime in the Cascades
by Martin Flight - Special to the SGN It is springtime in the Cascades and the Seattle Gay Hiking Group is out and about on the trails - our 39th year! What better thing do you have to do on a Sunday than meet some new, interesting and friendly Gay guys? (Women are welcome too.) You are invited to spend Sunday with us hiking/walking scenic trails in the western and eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it, get some exercise and fresh air, meet a few new Gay folks and have an excuse to get out of your house/condo/apartment. You can walk, hike or run (your choice) along the eclectic mix of trails that we visit this time of year.

You pass buttercups blooming, experience the aroma of new sagebrush, see sturdy beaver dams and majestic basalt rock cliffs as you hike along Umtanum Creek in Eastern Washington's Yakima Canyon. (Rattlesnakes are not out yet; like some men, they are still hibernating from the long, cold winter months!) Eastern Washington's brilliant sun feels wonderfully warm as you walk along side the creek to the lunch spot overlooking this high desert valley.

You pass open fields, dairy farms and rolling meadows as you hike the Chehalis Western trail from South Bay (near Olympia) to Woodard Bay Wildlife Refuge near Henderson Inlet. Not only will you enjoy the guys you are with, but the seagulls will enjoy your company too as you explore this former railroad log drop and inhale the fresh - albeit a bit salty - air from this Puget Sound inlet.

You gain altitude and experience wide-open vistas as you hike from the former Snoqualmie Winery up to and along Rattlesnake Ridge. The distinct sound of Downey woodpeckers are heard pecking snags; bald eagles soar overhead looking for their next meal as you hike your way along the Ridge to the rock outcropping known as Donna's Pinnacle. The 180-degree views of Mt. Si, Mt. Tenerife, Russian Buttes, Mt. Washington and snow-covered Glacier Peak makes this hike well worth getting up on Sunday morning!

You follow an historic railroad right of way as you hike from Cle Elum to the picturesque town of Roslyn in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The Coal Miner's Trail passes by abandoned coalmines and piles of coal slag as you enter the Northern Exposure TV series town of Cicely, Alaska. Lunch at a cemetery? You bet! In Roslyn, you will not find a more interesting place to stop and eat lunch than among the "citizens" of the dozen or more cemeteries that are separated by fraternity lodges, religions and ethnic backgrounds, all of them resting peacefully under the tall Ponderosa pines that dot the hillside of this historic town.

So, are you ready to experience and enjoy what springtime in the Cascade Mountains has to offer? Sure you are and the Seattle Gay Hiking Group welcomes you to experience what we do each Sunday - rain or shine! We meet in the Uptown Espresso, on the NE corner of Republican and Westlake, leaving at 9:00 AM. We are not an organized group. There are no membership dues to pay. We're Gay guys interested in going for a day hike and having fun doing it. Get yourself out of the house, enjoy the Cascade Mtns. and meet some new and interesting folks.

For more information, call 206-632-5405, or visit: See you out and about on the trail!

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