May 18, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 20
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Its with great sadness that I Todd Martin (aka Tootsie Lafleur Dior D) Announce the passing of Brian Matthew Lyles. (king of the seas XXII ) Brian was born on January 6,1974 and Died May 14, 2007. He died at at young age of 33 after a valiant fight with aids complications. He passed quietly at The Bailey Boushee House. Brian worked at many places around the community including Bartending at Hannas Bar.

Working for Carl at Power co. and Panache. The shoe warehouse in Georgetown..... Brian Loved to thrift shop and he always found beauty in other peoples junk. Brian Didnt always have an easy life nor did he ever really stay in one place, but he was handy and could fix anything. Brian loved the sci-fi channel and gummy candy. There was always room for Taco Bell or MacDonalds.

Brian knew many people but had few close friends...he created special memories with Ray Holmes, David and Ebony, Garnett Brooks, Kevin Hansen, Martin(monkey boy) and our mutual friend David In Stockton California. Though we walked different paths...when Brian needed me I was there till the end. Special thanks to Craig and Megan at Bailey...and Dr. Emily Darby. To those of you who never got to know the real Brian you missed a beautiful man. A memorial will be held on Sunday June 10th at 1 pm at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Please email me at for more information on this event.

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