May 18, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 20
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the Music Lounge by Albert Rodriguez - SGN A & E Writer
Chris Cornell goes one-on-one with SGN; Rufus Wainwright returning to Seattle; Kelly Clarkson, Linkin Park, Michael Buble all coming to town this summer; Blake Lewis 'Idol' mania
by Albert Rodriquez - SGN A&E Writer

Local rock legend Chris Cornell phones Seattle Gay News from Phoenix
One can easily commit sin just by looking at Chris Cornell and letting their minds wander. Since the mid-90s, when Cornell fronted the Seattle band Soundgarden, he's been melting the hearts of Gay men and straight women all over the world. To this day, even though he's married and a father of two, Cornell is one of rock's sexiest performers. On the afternoon he and I spoke, he was in Phoenix getting ready for a show during a brief promotional tour for his soon-to-be released album, Carry On. He was very sweet and sincere. There was an openness and honesty to him that I wasn't expecting. Living between Los Angeles and Paris, Cornell said he misses Seattle but has never considered himself "away". He actually visits the area regularly. His children, a boy and girl, speak a combination of English, Spanish, French, and their mother's native tongue, Greek. Soundgarden, who won Grammy Awards in 2004 for "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman", helped make "grunge" an international household word, not to mention globally exposing Seattle's thriving music scene. Cornell also plays in the group Audioslave. Look for an interview with the one and only Chris Cornell, right here in "The Music Lounge", on June 1.

Clarkson, Linkin Park, Buble announce Seattle concerts
It's going to be a hot summer! And I'm not talking about the weather. Music-wise, there are dozens of fantastic live concerts to choose from. I've got early buzz on a few of them. Kelly Clarkson, two-time Grammy recipient and Idol winner-turned-pop princess, will perform at Key Arena on July 13. On her last visit to the Seattle region, at White River Amphitheatre, there were so many Gay boys at the outside bar that it felt like a beer garden during Pride weekend. Linkin Park, who just released a brand new album this week (Minutes to Midnight), is scheduled to play White River Amphitheatre on July 25. That should be a great show, and I know their Gay fan base is extremely happy to see them playing live again. Myself included. Finally, cute-as-a-puppy jazz singer Michael Buble has booked McCaw Hall for back-to-back nights on August 28 and 29. The Canadian artist, currently dating The Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt, is expected to sell out both shows. At press time, ticket prices and on sale dates for these three concerts were unavailable. Visit for details in the coming weeks.

Wainwright to play Paramount Theatre in July
Rufus Wainwright, openly Gay chanteur and apparently moody entertainer (he wasn't overly polite signing autographs last month), returns to Seattle for a one-night-only appearance at the Paramount Theatre, three weeks after selling out two nights at The Triple Door. Could this be the show where he performs Judy Garland's Carnegie Hall material, seeing that he barely touched it at the T-Door? Don't hold your breath. He'll probably promote his new CD, Release the Stars, which came out this week, and not much else. A & E writer Richard Kennedy, who attended Wainwright's recent performance, said the Garland show is too big to take on the road, although the theatrical-pop singer is scheduled to do it at the Hollywood Bowl this fall. We got an advance copy of Release the Stars at the office, and I must say "Going to a Town" is one of Wainwright's finest written songs. Though, I'm not as crazy about the arrangements on this album as I am about the arrangements on his earlier work, primarily 2002's Poses. Sean Lennon, son of you know who, will open for Wainwright at the Paramount Theatre. For ticket information, see the advertisement in this week's issue of the Seattle Gay News.

"Idol" hopeful Lewis wows em' at Westlake Center and Safeco Field
Sanjaya, who? The kid from Federal Way who fashioned a new hairdo every Tuesday, until his timely dismissal from "American Idol" on April 18, is barely an afterthought these days. Not so for Blake Lewis. He, as of this writing (early on May 16), is still in the competition. And it was he, not Sanjaya, who packed hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans to Westlake Center last week to hear his beatbox-infused tunes and a wobbly version of Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know". The Bothell resident appeared chipper and adorable in jeans, dress shirt, and a faux punk 'do' with bleached tips. During lunchtime on Friday, Lewis attracted a swarm of teenysomethings and their suburban soccer moms, as well as downtown office workers who listened intently en route to a ten-dollar sandwich. Lewis performed one original song, "She Ran Away", which needs some serious work. From Westlake Center, Lewis attended a parade in his honor in Bothell and then sang the national anthem at a Mariners game. Showing signs of support, literally, the Idol contestant's fan club - "Blaker Girls" - were out in full force recruiting new members. Uh, mission accomplished.

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