May 18, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 20
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Sex Talk by Simon Shepard
Foot Play
by Simon Sheppard SGN Contributing Writer

Folks can be all kinds of kinky, but no fetish is more famous than a yen for feet. And sure, gazing at a well-formed foot or a funky shoe can be fun. But sometimes a guy wants to do more than just look. Fortunately, there's plenty to do with those pedal extremities.

You need not even have company in order to play. Says one devoted fan of foot-centered funkiness, "I really get off just stroking and smelling my own feet. And I'm flexible enough to be able to rub my hard-on against my soles. I like smelly sneakers, too, and a couple of pairs of mine really stink. So I'll play around with them, sniff them, stick my dick inside, sometimes even come in them. They've got pretty crusty insoles."

As is the case with feet themselves, though, when it comes to participants, two can be better than one. Often, foot scenes are delightfully simple. Licking, toe sucking, stroking, and the like - whether one-sided or mutual - have brought happiness to many a horny homo. And because the foot is not just a five-toed sex object, but an erogenous zone as well, the whole sole thing can come as a delightful surprise. Recalls one otherwise-vanilla stud, "I'd been dating this one man for a while. One night in bed, he just scooted down and started licking my feet. Nobody had ever done that before, but it felt so amazing that the next time we got together, I begged him to do it again. Except, of course, I didn't really have to beg."

Though many folks find basic foot fetishism to be quite kinky enough, things can get much edgier. An urge to worship the foot has brought many guys to their knees. Foot scenes can be more directly sexual, too. Sole-to-cock jack-off sessions can hike your pleasure - as another foot fan says, "I love to slide my hard-on back and forth between a guy's two feet." And when buttsex is on the menu, a big toe (well manicured, of course) can serve as a dandy, if miniscule, dildo.

Footwear, too - be it a scuffed motorcycle boot or a pair of glossy dress shoes - can be an object of veneration. And the element of power exchange involved in footplay can give rise to full-fledged slavery scenes. "I had this one bottom who loved to get tied up and dominated while my smelly sneaker was tied over his face," says one master. "He'd do anything I told him for the privilege of enjoying my sweaty stench." He smiles. "Even lick his own jizz off my boots."

Many kinksters, taking an in-between approach, find socks sexy. Fetishism is a fertile ground for specialization, so some blokes go for the sheer dress sort, others cream at the sight of white gym socks, and over-the-calf models can set some men's pulses racing. It's all a matter of taste, and, says our footmaster, "A dirty sock makes an excellent gag."

Below-the-ankle kink ranges from raunchy to rough. Feet are a natural target in tickle torture scenes, where gales of unbearable laughter are the goal. But tootsie torture can get really nasty. The sole is such a sensitive spot to strike that there's even a special term for the painful process: bastinado.

Feet can be a top's tool, too. Many a sadist's size 10s have seen action, whether it's a matter of grinding a heel into a submissive's willing crotch or hanging a heavy boot from a bottom's bound-up balls. And when a slave's down on all fours, a well-placed foot on the back of his neck can make his submission even hotter. Sure, as with other sorts of kink play, there's a danger that a fetishistic focus will become all-consuming, till one is playing with a foot that just happens to have a man attached to it. But even then, a fondness for feet seems rather benign. Footplay is a way unlikely way to transmit disease - except athlete's foot - and, unless the action becomes extreme, real harm is unlikely.

Yes, to many of us, toes were made for titillation. Be it with a barefoot bottom or a booted bully, screwing around with soles can be sexy. There's no reason to just admire feet from afar, or let your tootsies go untended to. Why not find a footbuddy and get it on? It can be sole-stirring to get your rocks off when you take your socks off.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Sex Parties 101, Kinkorama, and In Deep: Erotic Stories, and can be reached at Visit Simon at

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