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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

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Dear SGN,
Without doubt, Halloween was a big success for the Gay community in local bars and at the exciting Bump. Revelers were seen wearing a variety of costumes that were creative and fun and re-warding financially. The big participation was a real eye-opener for all those in attendance at the various activities.

Buzz Flowers
Lynnwood, WA


Dear SGN,
Regarding the "Conversation with an Evangelical (Minister)" article in SGN 10-26-07 issue. I respect [that] the writer feels a win in thinking [that] Gays and evangs could worship together if evangs called themselves "heterosexual sinners" along with "homosexual sinners". However, is that not a play on words saying, we evangs will say mos are sinners for being their authentic selves, and evang heteros are sinners for committing adultery? Evangs break code in this instance, mos don't.

I recommend everyone on the hunt for religious resolution watch the new online movie called ZeitGeist (google it). It could put all these meanderings about Gays and religion to rest once and for all. It did for me.

A master copy is premiering in LA [on] November 10th. It's crisp, its correct, and it may stun you-- altering your perceptions of religion forever. OMG imagine that. Happy hunting!

David Wakefield
Seattle , WA


[Editor's Note: The following is a letter to members of the Seattle City Council. The author sent a copy to the Seattle Gay News with an attached October 30th New York Times article "Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé."]

Dear Councilmembers,
This summer we have seen a sharp increase in violent attacks against Gay people on Capitol Hill. We are also seeing massive high rise development, densification, and disappearance of affordable housing. The old neighborhoods up here are being transformed. The LGBT community is being transformed as well.

While our Capitol Hill "home base" has many fond memories for us, we are living all over the city. As we integrate into the mainstream community and receive the respect and treatment that should be our equal right with all other citizens, we have less need of a ghetto.

Perhaps the splintering of Pride events from one unified expression of the LGBT community into multiple parades, festivals, and spokespersons is a reflection in part of the dissolution of our Capitol Hill neighborhood. How much of this is connected to the physical reconstruction of Capitol Hill, I cannot say. But this article ("Gay Enclaves Face Prospect of Being Passé," The New York Times, Oct. 30, 2007) this morning in The NY Times indicates there may be more connection than we have really looked at. It's a good read.

Janice Van Cleve
Seattle, Washington


To the Editor:
Those who live in the closet, die by the closet. That's the lesson to be learned from the cautionary tale of the resignation of State Rep. Richard Curtis, R-La Center ( Clark County ). I've no sympathy for his plight. Former Rep. Curtis engaged in repeated hypocrisy, by voting against gay civil rights protections, voting against same-sex domestic partner registration, opposition to same-sex marriage and opposition to same-sex civil unions. The wages of the closet, hypocrisy, and self-loathing are ruination and humiliation.

However, as a member of the gay community, I'm not going to ignore the actions of Cody Castagna, of Medical Lake . I watched, on television, his body language and facial expressions, as he denied engaging in extortion of Rep. Curtis. His denials didn't ring true. I found his response flat, with no noticeable facial reaction to the charges leveled against him. That is indicative of a personality incapable of internalizing a conscience. It's doubtful he's capable of feeling bad when he does bad things.

Former Rep. Curtis needs to get real with his family, and Cody Castagna needs to be prosecuted. I'd suggest he see Dr. Phil, but without a conscience that would be a waste of his money and Dr. Phil's time.

Steven L. Kendall
Seattle, WA

Halloween on Capitol Hill
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photos by Joey - SGN photographer

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