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Monday, Jun 17, 2019
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I'm glad that this article was printed. I have been a Flight Attendant for a major airline for 20 years and find it very upsetting that this happened in 2007. This woman seems to have issues within her own life and is not representative of the entire force of crewmembers. However, I hope this matter is seen to the bitter end and kept in the public eye till an apology is given and possibly classes are offered to the employees with regards to the cultural awareness issues.

B. Fisher
San Diego


I am in total shock having just read the Seattle Gay News article about the discrimination suffered at the hands of a flight attendant on Southwest Airlines. That is totally unacceptable and no one should have to go though that awful experience. My heart really goes out to you both. Although there is certainly no excuse for that kind of behavior, it sounds like you were able to handle yourself remarkably well under those circumstances. I'm not sure I would have fared so well had it been me.

What makes me take this so personally is not just that I am a Gay man, but also because I am a flight attendant. I just want to let you and everyone else you care for that they are welcome aboard any Frontier Airlines flight any time. And if I am lucky enough to be cabin crew on your flight, I would of course make sure that you, as well as anyone else, are as comfortable as possible, regardless of circumstance. I truly want to believe that my co-workers and I are able to take a more enlightened view to all our passengers.

I wish you guys luck in your actions against Southwest and I hope to see you on a Frontier flight sometime soon!

Best wishes for everything,



Nick Ardizzone,

I do hope that you, or someone else, will follow up with Southwest Airlines to find out more about this story, and its validity. As is, I'm outraged that something like this could take place in 2007. It's positively ridiculous.

On the other hand, you do only have one side of the story right now, and those of us who are outraged at what we've read, who plan to boycott Southwest Airlines for hiring such flight attendants and representatives, should be absolutely sure that all the facts are out there. Was the flight attendant reprimanded, or even fired? Who is the rep in question at the Nashville airport, and what was her side of it? Please write a follow-up story. I would love to hear what they have to say, though I doubt it will be anything that warrants such dreadful behavior.

Thank you!

PS - I'm sending this article to Andy Towle at - really nice job!


Dave Mailloux


Come fly Expressjet. Wwe don't treat people like crap and don't discriminate against anyone.



I was very moved by the article on the Southwest traveler and sent the attached letter to SW.

Southwest Airlines P.O. Box 36647 - 1CR Dallas, Texas 75235-1647

Attached is an article which appeared in the Seattle Gay News, an article which I found very disturbing.

Southwest has always been my airline of choice for many reasons. Your crew is friendly, very funny at times, better than average on time flight departures and arrivals and a great revised check in system. I travel on a regular basis and always choose SW as my first choice.

When I read this article, I was disappointed in Southwest and very outraged. I agree that this article was written from the viewpoint of the passenger, for as of the time the article was published, SW had not responded.

However, the article gave me a different view of the airline, at least as it pertains to one of your employees. Being in corporate business for many years, I have learned that one "bad seed," can quickly infect those around. I have also learned that removing that seed only strengthens the rest of a team.

If this employee needs to be removed, please do so, if not, then at least respond to the article, giving SW view and official position regarding this particular incident and the bigger picture, your policy regarding Gay (and all other minority) travelers.

I would like a response to this letter, for until I receive one, I will not fly Southwest. This saddens me and hopefully will encourage you to rectify this unfortunate situation to set the record straight.

Michael J. D'Ambra
Rapid Rewards Flyer


To all airline passengers:

It was unfortunate Kelly Brown and his partner drew a rotten apple out of all the good flight attendants on their trip.

I wonder if that flying witch attendant also boarded her work flight in Fla. or Nashville., contributing to her attitude, being from that area. I also wonder if she was the supervisory attendant on the flight. If not, I for starters would have talked to whoever was and complained.

I know when you're ill, confrontation is not a favorite thing. However I would have gotten Ms. Bitch and the other attendant's name, kept a record of the flight number and time to forward it to SWA Corporate Headquarters after arriving home.

It was unconscionable for the ground supervisor, etc., to be uncooperative and rude. It is still not too late to contact SWA, whose corporate names follow:

Gary Kelley (CEO), Herb Kelleher (Chairman), Laura Wright (CFO) and Colleen Barrett (President). The website is Southwest is headquartered at Love Field, Dallas, TX.

As I said, they got the rotten apple in a barrel of good ones; on our recent SWA flight, returning to Seattle, my friend forgot her little "bellybag" purse in the seat and one of the women in the SWA airport office went all the way down to a now-darkened plane and retrieved the purse.

Lenny Larson


Dear SGN,

I read your article about your flight on Southwest Airlines, and have to disagree with your assessment. There is no way you would have received such treatment, and it appears to me that someone is aiming for their 15 minutes or perhaps in this case just an extra minute more. You will get nothing, because nothing happened. Your story is so jaded and to not contact Southwest before printing this article is an injustice to your newspaper. I am offended by your one-sided story and will not be reading any more articles from your publication.

Thanks for that,

A Former Reader


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