Elegant, sexy Bank Job sure to be one of 2008's best
Elegant, sexy Bank Job sure to be one of 2008's best
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

The Bank Job
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It's the kind of film that'll make you want a cigarette after, and for more than one reason. The adrenaline and the sexy "naughty knickers" scenes in The Bank Job are the kind of excitement that I used to smoke after, to slow my heart back down. But having quit smoking a couple of months ago (due to "the Seattle cold"), I found myself wishing for something to take me down a notch after the screening of The Bank Job, so, as per Debbie Harry in her song "Dreaming," I had a cup of tea, green tea. It's that kind of film.

Starring ruggedly handsome Jason Statham (War), and willowy beauty Saffron Burrows (Enigma), along with a cast of British favorites, The Bank Job starts off a bit like one of those old It Takes a Thief shows from back in the '70s. Which is perfect, because the film - based on a true story - is set in the '70s. Lovely Burrows, busted on a drug smuggling charge, (and offered a way to keep her cute butt out of prison), enlists the help of old pal, Statham, and his band of dodgy "friends" (read: criminal associates), to pull off the perfect bank robbery. She doesn't tell them that what they're really doing is making it possible for her to help another old pal, who works for some highly secret British spy agency who is trying to get back some incriminating photos of a Royal cavorting with some unsavory characters in a dimly lit hotel room.

Soon after the vault is broken into and deposit boxes emptied in an orgy of greed and glee, Statham finds a certain envelope with very incriminating photos in it, and the jig's up. And after that, pretty much everything hits the fan, and just about everyone is after the robbers, because even more is at stake than the revealing photos. Ah, but Statham's robber character is very clever and except for the death of his friend and fellow robber, all's well that ends well, and the whole mess is hidden away under a curtain of silence by the media, the police, and particularly one of the high-ranking politicians who has his mug in one of the more illicit photos.

A thrill ride of a film, The Bank Job is funny, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. A definite winner in what so far has been a lackluster beginning of the film season, this is one worth paying full price at the theaters for - even if it makes one want to smoke afterward.