Lipstick and Lust Bonus Edition
Metro woes, dating joys and so much more
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

My dahlings, what can be better than one person in your life who calls you "sweetie"? Well, of course, two someones like that, my little jellybeans! And this one does have such luck of late (which is very good, because money luck is a bit wanting - hey, where I live, the recession has hit). But happy, happy, joy, joy that my latest Craigslist folks have turned up two not only very hot young things, but it looks like this one will have accompaniment to a few events around town in the very near future. Oh, and for you keeping track of my lustings, yes, I'm still holding a torch for "army sweetie," who is still deployed in Iraq. I was nearly jumping for joy when I got waited on by my fave Trader Joe's clerk last week, and I still got the hots for a certain officer of the law. Hey, honey, it's nearly spring, what can I say, eh?

In the meantime, I have a rant for Metro, our lovely bus system. Dahling, if you want more folks to take the bus and get the heck out of those ridiculous Hummers (overcompensation for certain anatomical deficiencies, if you ask me) and big, stupid SUVs, then you should have nicer drivers. You know, drivers that don't pull off when they see passengers running to catch a bus (like a certain female driver on the #131 route did last Sunday, March 9, around 10:30 p.m.), and you will try and do the same thing Canadian drivers do with unruly passengers: Just leave them on the damned sidewalk, 'cause if someone's trouble before they get on the bus, odds are they'll be more trouble riding along with innocent passengers. How about making passenger safety and comfort and helping passengers get buses easier your priority and imprint it in your drivers' brains? True, there are some drivers who do stop for huffing and puffing passengers, but they're the exception rather than the rule. Hey, Metro, get a freaking clue!

Ah, and I'm so glad the writers are back from the telly strike, and do love the new show New Amsterdam, and that quirky Unhitched. Hope these will stick around and I patiently await the return of Moonlight and some new CSI shows, and am planning to get cable very soon, having been teased by (and come to be addicted to) Dexter. Now that's a serial killer to love, my dears, fo' sho'! Oh, and if you didn't watch SNL last weekend, then you missed a chance to see my new fave band, Vampire Weekend, who are just as cute as blossoming flowers. Also, thanks again to the KEXP DJs who played their EP before the CD came out, and if you haven't given anything to these wonderful folks (especially DJ Troy and DJ Larry Metro), you should. After all, if this hard-up-for-cash diva can scrounge up some cash for them, I know some of you can, too. So just do it, OK? 'Kay!

Yes, and before I get to things I tried (including Kombucha tea at Madison Market), let me just say that I think the DoubleTree SeaTac needs to get with the program and start treating their staff better. Like give them the contract they're asking for. That being said, yes, I'm still looking forward to Norwescon (which is held every Easter weekend, this year March 21-23 at the DoubleTree SeaTac) and the fun I always have. I just plan to support those workers by not buying anything - not even food or drinks - at the DoubleTree, and I'm already booked to stay at LaQuinta. I urge my fellow and sister con-goers to do the same, and let's make those folks at the DoubleTree SeaTac see the light. After all, Denny's is just across the street and is cheaper anyway, and has a very nice waitstaff that's always friendly to us folks dressed up in our sci-fi/fantasy best.

Finally, what did this one try during all of the lusting, dating, and doing everything I can to move to Tacoma by the early summer? Well, first let me mention that after hearing so much about Kombucha tea, this one finally tried a sample at Madison Market, and I have to say, it wasn't awful, just a bit zingy and the slime stuff in it went down a bit slower (something like a certain bodily fluid if you know what I'm saying!). Can't say I'll buy a whole bottle, but one never knows, especially since it's good for cleansing the body of toxins. Also tried L'Occitane's Hand Cream, which is wonderful, and has shea butter, so it's very good for dry skin that's suffered in Northwest weather. And do try The Body Shoppe's Ginger Souffle body butter, which makes you feel silky and smell good too. Pick that up at The Body Shoppe in Pacific Place, and the hand cream at L'Occitane, also in Pacific Place.

So, that's it my little Jell-o "wigglers," and do feel free to e-mail me at, and check out the blog version of this column at Oh, and hey to my friends protesting the war, go peacefully and be safe out there, and though I'll be at Norwescon, I'll be with you in spirit, trust me. Buhbye!