Deep Inside Hollywood
Deep Inside Hollywood
Emily Blunt Tries on Young Victoria's Crown
It worked for Elizabeth. Now it's Queen Victoria's turn to be young and sexy in Young Victoria. And despite its somewhat on-the-nose title, the film could be another phenomenon waiting to happen, now that Devil Wears Prada scene-stealer Emily Blunt (she played Meryl Streep's bitter assistant) has signed on. Director Jean-Marc Vallee, whose last film, C.R.A.Z.Y., was a big hit in Canada and very popular on the Gay film-festival circuit, will take the helm of the film, which is being produced by Martin Scorsese and Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. The script will come from Oscar-nominated Gosford Park scribe Julian Fellows - meaning that this probably won't turn out to be your grandmother's idea of Queen Victoria, even if you wind up taking your grandmother to see the movie.

Selma Blair Takes Driving Lessons
It used to be that Queer audiences reacted with uniform outrage when a Gay or Lesbian character finally got his or her turn on TV or in a movie and wound up being yet another predatory serial killer or suicidal invert. But those bad old days, it would appear, are long gone now that Queer characters - some good, some bad, and some with more than a touch of the old-school on their mind - pop up with regularity. Which brings us to Selma Blair, the nervy Hellboy actress who also starred in John Waters' A Dirty Shame as a huge-breasted nymphomaniac. She'll next play a predatory Lesbian teacher with a taste for an underage student in Driving Lessons, a dark comedy that co-stars Hope Davis, Dermot Mulroney, and Pushing Daisies star Chi McBride. The film is currently in production with no release date set. But expect no Basic Instinct-style protests to erupt.

Dano and Deschanel Grow to Gigantic Size
It seems that the title Gigantic might be the only thing grand scale about the new film set to star There Will Be Blood's Paul Dano (he was also the near-mute teen son in Little Miss Sunshine) and Zooey Deschanel (Elf). It's the debut feature from writer-director Matt Aselton, and the plot whispers "tiny quirky indie" - it's about a mattress salesman who falls in love with a co-worker. In fact, apart from its rising-star cast, the biggest name attached to this project is Christine Vachon, Lesbian super-producer. Vachon, who has a reputation for backing interesting, unusual fare, will give it her Killer Films imprint, which will definitely help the movie get out there and into theaters. Shooting begins this month, with a release date no doubt set to coincide with a gigantic, king-size blowout sale at a bedding retailer near you.

Robert Gant Makes a Special Delivery
Romeo likes to keep tabs on his favorite erstwhile Queer as Folk cast members. And while finding a Randy Harrison TV or film credit may be like searching for that elusive haystack needle - he does a lot of stage work now, just FYI - Robert Gant's TV resume keeps growing. His latest project is a made-for-TV movie called Special Delivery, in which he plays the chaperone for a bratty, uncooperative teenager on an international flight. Meanwhile, the character's hopes for a soft landing on American soil are dashed, as it turns out he and the kid are walking into a trap. Lisa Edelstein (House, M.D.) and Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) co-star. The film is currently in the pre-production stage, so there's no scheduled air date yet, but Lifetime is where it will eventually turn up.

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photo: Emily Blunt