Saturday, Jul 11, 2020
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Saturday, Jul 11, 2020
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Dear Editor:

I was unable to attend the Sound Transit community meeting on Capitol Hill, and I regret not being there. The proposed design for the art installation at the Capitol Hill ST station is outrageous on so many levels. According to your article, the artist had never been to Seattle and knew nothing about the history of the community in which this station is to be built.

Additionally, the proposal of installing crashing warplanes, particularly at a time when this nation is engaged in an unpopular, unjustified war is egregious and an insult to the spirit of the Capitol Hill community. Perhaps such an installation might be more appropriate at a station near Boeing, but certainly not on Capitol Hill. Particularly insulting is the report that community members felt their concerns were ignored by the Sound Transit Project Manager.

The Capitol Hill Sound Transit station will be a permanent and large fixture in this community. The station must reflect the spirit of the community in which it stops. Capitol Hill is rich with history, especially artistic and Gay history.

Crashing warplanes? In a community with a large Gay population? What were they thinking? Every community member who opposes this design must speak out and pressure Sound Transit to seek a new design from a local artist.

Stan Brownlow


To Whom It May Concern:

As a Snoqualmie resident I fully support Mt. Si High School's decision to hold the Day of Silence. The Day of Silence is student-led day of action when concerned students take a vow of silence to bring attention to the namecalling and harassment experienced by LGBT students. The Day of Silence is currently recognized by over 4000 schools nationwide and has an annual attendance of over 500,000 students. The fact that Ken Hutcherson, Antioch Bible Church, and C.O.D.E. (Citizens To Defend Education) are planning on protesting the event this Friday furthers their position of bigotry and prejudice. The Snoqualmie Valley that I live in is an inclusive and accepting community - not one of ignorance and hate.

Please take a moment to notify the administration at Mt. Si High School and the Snoqualmie Valley School District and let them know that the vocal minority does not speak for the majority of citizens. Ask them to follow the law and support this protected, persecuted minority. Ask them to stop supporting the minority of vocal bigots in this community. This only takes a moment out of your day but has long-lasting effects on the place we live.

Thank you.

Mike Akers


Growing up as a loving person was relatively easy with feelings toward my family, siblings, and friends without exception for many years.

Later as a Gay man I discovered many men gospelizing their ability to be nothing less than LOVE MACHINES offering their partners sexual pleasures beyond imagination until the calls were not received or any kind of recognition socially.

LOVE can be like a new beginning until you discover you've been used, but certainly not the first time or thereafter. It may be responsible for changing your life until the next time it happens again.

Buzz Flowers Callaway



The Mr. Miss Ms. Gay Pageant has been around for many years! It is held annually by the Imperial Sovereign Court of Tacoma during the Daffodil Festival. The Pageant includes six events: initial interview, all white walk, formal walk, performance number, impromptu question, and crowning. Each of the contestants competes for his/her own title. The Mr. title may be held by a male or female in male attire, the Miss is held by a male in female attire, and the Ms. is held by a female or a male to female Transgendered member of the community. Each of the titles are responsible to their respective title for one year and are expected to work with the Imperial Sovereign Court of Tacoma to put on events that further the GLBT community in Washington State. This year's winners were; Mr. Gay Washington: Ryan Souvuah, Spokane; Miss Gay Washington: K D Dupree, Tri-Cities; and Ms. Gay Washington: Lotus Mandalay, Tacoma. We look forward to working with you in any and every way possible to help make 2008/2009 the best year that our community has seen in a long time!

Love and Community,

Mr. Gay Washington 2008/2009
Ryan Souvuah

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