The Detroit Cobras rock their socks off at Neumos
The Detroit Cobras rock their socks off at Neumos
by Jessica Price - SGN A&E Writer

The Detroit Cobras
June 17 @ Neumos

Every summer it seems I go on a kick and listen to nothing but The Detroit Cobras for a while. Lucky for me, the band made a stop in Seattle last week and rocked the house as usual. The Detroit Cobras are a breed apart, led by bad girl Rachel Nagy and guitarist Mary Ramirez, and busting out nearly forgotten '60s rarities while breathing a whole new soul into them.

The two leading ladies are little powerhouses. They're so cool I want to start an appreciation society just to honor their "naughty girls who rock" ways.

Way before Amy Winehouse stunned mainstream music fans with her '60s soul delivery, Nagy was doing it with more raw style and a whole lot more independence. At Neumos, they pulled out all the stops and played hits like "Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand" and "Cha Cha Twist," and the now dark-haired Nagy led the five-piece through a punchy set of covers and handful of originals.

With the Cobras, it doesn't matter if they're actually covers or not, Nagy owns these tunes and belts them out with a raspy holler that the likes of Winehouse would kill for.

"The Real Thing" and "Ya Ya Ya" were crowd pleasers. "Hot Dog" is one of their best originals, and with such lyrics like "well I can eat one, or I can eat three, it takes a lot of dogs to satisfy me" you know she loves to tease.

Watching Nagy perform is such a breath of fresh air because she walks it likes she talks it: vocals and cigarettes are how she describes her capacity in the band. She looks fantastic, like she'd be a hell of a lot of fun to sit and have a drink with.

The music is simple and fun, the way rock should be. "Leave My Kitten Alone" is infectious and cool, and "Mean Man" got the audience dancing. On slower songs like "Cry On" she can purr and seduce, and on songs like "If You Don't Think" and "Just Can't Please You" she tears it up while batting those gorgeous eyelashes.

The Detroit Cobras are the absolute perfect bar band, and make for a great summer night of rock and soul. I never grow tired of watching them shake things up. After one quick encore, the Cobras said goodbye and the audience was literally calling out for more.

I can't wait to see what they do next. There aren't a lot of touring bands out there who can deliver an authentic rock and roll good time.