Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
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What was Senator McCain thinking?! He has the nerve to attack Senator Obama for "lack of experience" and then picks Governor Palin of Alaska! Republicans are already lying about her experience. They claim she's been governor for two years, but, in fact, she was sworn-in December, 2006. Which means she's actually been governor for only 18 months. Before that, she was mayor of the town of Wasilla, population 6,500. Then they have the nerve to argue she has more "executive experience" then Obama/Biden combined. Apparently, Republican party leaders think American voters are too stupid to understand the difference between quality of experience, quantity of experience, and relevance of experience. Hey, I was student body president of my high school for 12 months. Maybe I should be on the ticket.

Politically and ideologically she's opposed to Roe v. Wade, anti-Gay civil rights, believes global warming is a myth, anti-gun control, supported ultra-right winger Pat Buchanan for president, and advocates teaching creationism in the public schools.

"Governor Podunk" lacks the quality and relevance of experience to be president of the United States. Therefore, she has no business being vice president.

Steven L. Kendall


I am a big fan of Howard Dean and think he has done a dynamite job of building a strong Democratic Party in all 50 States (serving as a launching for Obama's campaign in each of them - unheard of in the modern era). So I appreciated your running Mark Segal's interview [Howard Dean speaks on LGBT issues in upcoming election, 8/29/08].

But I am tired of media who only seem to ask public figures puff-questions instead of mixing in some hard, but real, ones. Are they more afraid of losing access if they piss off the notables, rather than informing the public? In the process, history gets sanitized and even lost.

Howard Dean opposed Gay marriage when the Vermont legislature responded to the state's Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. As a result the novel status of civil unions was developed. Why did Dean oppose marriage? Was it "morals" or tactics? Segal doesn't ask. Does Dean think that civil unions in Vermont are "equal" to marriages in Massachusetts or California? Segal doesn't ask. How and why did Dean develop into a strong LGBT proponent when he had such a scanty track record? Segal doesn't ask.

I hope he does another interview to inform readers and to help preserve the real history of our struggles.

Phil Bereano


Now I lay me down to sleep,
Dreaming of someone who isn't a creep,
But nothing less than a stallion,
With a body that would erupt my personal needs,
Sending me into total ecstasy,
Knowing what to do from the beginning to the end,
Without oral roadmaps to follow,
As we explore our mutual bodies,
Knowing good sex may be a rarity,
As we believe we must have been,
Destined to take the apples off the tree of life,
I forgot to set my alarm clock for tomorrow,
Another working day,
And then chasing tired butterflies of the night,
Please grant me the opportunity to find that elusive person,
To share my bed and body with nothing less than fervor,
In a world that too often takes more than it returns,
Where's my Gay teddy bear?
It just might be better than a man,
well-equipped, articulate, and horny
as the day is long without remorse of any kind,
I want a sincere human being,
Not someone who knows the latest Hollywood news,
A simple individual who makes me feel special,
Not used or manipulated,
Remember I don't want a Ken doll or anything in between,
If you're there, Lord, Please don't forget me,
I'm sick of the bars, groups, and phone dialogues,
If I should oversleep, please wake me up,
For another day in searching for that person,
Who is able to turn me into a sex machine.
What a way to go!

Buzz Flowers Callaway

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