Lipstick and Lust
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Fun at SLGFF, losing my best lover to marriage, and sparring partners
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

Yikes and horrors and eek! I am so sick of these campaign ads (even the Obama one, even though I totally support that one for a victory over those nutty Republicans) and just want it to be November 6 - and have President Obama and his gorgeous wife Michelle ensconced in the White House, and never have to look into those rimless frames of Sarah Palin ever again. Get thee back to Wasilia, missy, posthaste!

And please tell me why both Reichert and Rossi have ads making Burner and Gregoire looking as tawdry and frumpadocious as possible (yes, I made up that word, feel free to bandy it about as you will)? Ick! Enough, just let it be over and have my side, the Dems, win.

Okay, yes, I'd love to be saying let the Green Party or some anarchist version of the Dems win, but hey, it ain't that year yet, now, is it? So, going with those that got it now. My pragmatic, Capricorn mid-heaven showing, I guess, so there.

And along with things I'm tired of, is losing my darling ones to either Iraq, or to other folks. My dear Aquarian soul bro (who this one had major, mad monkey sex with a few months back) answered my e-mail inquiry with, "I'm married now." Again, horrors and yikes! That one will be missed, especially since this one is now shoulder-deep into boxing (at least the punching bag at the YMCA where I work out), and is hotly seeking a sparring partner/lover, and that one would have been perfecto. Ah well, we wait, we wait.

But, there was some good news, as there was a spontaneous sparring partner who showed up at the very same gym, and we took turns boxing and holding the bag for each other. Can we say I was hot like a burnt steak on a summer day afterwards? Oh yeah, honey!

We hope that one shows up again, and this time maybe we make a date for tea and more.

In the meantime, this one is happily enjoying being her true boygirl self at this year's Lesbian/Gay Film Festival, and the opening night party had me dancing and channeling Michael Jackson in my leopard leggings and fedora, or was it Mick Jagger a la '69? Either way, I had a little crowd of dancers boogieing with me, including a very dear friend, and a hot little blonde number who seemed thrilled with my "boy moves." Hotcha!

Can't wait to "goth it up" at the screening of The Hunger, which this one is seeing Sunday, and hoping to attract something luscious of either sex to drag home to The Digs. If you're not GLFF-ing yet, honey, what is your problem? Get some tix and get into it!

Oh, and this one and a friend got into it ("it" being the opening night of Spring Awakening) last week, watching some very hot talent sing and dance at the Paramount about being young, lusting and all kinds of shenanigans that teenagers then and now get up to. My fave was the sex scene on stage, and, honey, being in the front row, I can tell you young Kyle Riabko has a very fine behind. Also, the songs delighted me, too. Hey, I wasn't just watching butts, honey, I was paying attention to the audience, too, and let me tell you, Seattle, being a Scorpio town, you have definitely crushed that myth about Scorpios being super sexy (actually it's a Sag town with a Scorpio moon, but who's telling this?) and all. What a bunch of prudes and dried-up old winter leaves you people are! You'd think no one in this town had ever had sex (or more accurately, good sex) before! Okay, that might actually be true. Anyway, this one loved the sex, the songs and the whole damned thang, so go see it and don't make a fuss when you see some "akshon" going on, 'kay?

Oh, and I must make a comment on the sexual topic, having glanced up in time to see Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights the other night when I was doing my tarot gig at The Cuff. Honey, is that one actually that, hm, large, um down there? 'Cause damn, if that's true, Mr. Wahlberg should certainly be in more sexy films, eh? See the film, you'll see.

So, what besides pledging to my fave station, KEXP, lusting for lovers who seem to have fallen off the planet ("T," I miss ya, honey, call me!), and having a new crush on another of SPDs blond cops, that this one saw in the summer and actually chatted with a bit, has this one been up to lately? Well, money is flowing this one's way again, via new business and a Hallowe'en party, so hallelujah, H&M and Sephora, I'm coming, dears, I'm coming!

Also, this one tried the new Revlon lip gloss that gives some of the proceeds to research for breast cancer - it's the greatest pink shade, called Sheer Pink, and looks yummy on everyone - and loves it so very much. Get this at Walgreen's or Bartels and feel good about doing something good, while you're also looking fab. Also tried and adored Chanel's reissued signature scent, Sycamore. This is a delightfully sophisticated scent that this one will be wearing when she sees The Hunger. Hey, vamps should smell good, in my opinion, honey.

Finally, do try Garnier's Ultra-Lift, which is good for La Face, and especially now that the chilly weather and rain are here for the next million days. Light and lightly scented, I glowed when I wore it, and I'm sure you will, too.

And, last but not least, if you can stomach it, go to YouTube and view the video that was put together by one of the major wildlife preservation groups discussing Governor Palin's decision to allow hunters to slaughter wolves from helicopters for sport. It's very telling, and if your mind isn't made up, this could do the trick. Just know it isn't pretty. Who is pretty, even beautiful, is that Snoqualmie "lady luck" woman. I would crawl across flaming, broken glass for her, honest. Not for "Miss Skanky," the bratty blonde someone must have decided not to show anymore on the Quest chatline commercial (thank you a bazillion times from the bottom of my little heart, dahling!). Made my blood run cold, that one did!

So, that's it, my little LGFF opening-night party chocolates, and again, get some tix and go see some of those amazing films (I recommend Steam most highly, and Pageant). Be nice to each other, respect each other's belief systems, treat the earth with respect, and vote, please vote. Happy haunting and be safe, all of you. Buhbye!