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Saturday, Jan 16, 2021
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National News
National News
by Rex Wockner - SGN Contributing Writer

FBI: Anti-Gay hate crimes rise
Recorded hate crimes were down in the U.S. by about 1 percent last year, except for anti-Gay hate crimes, which increased 6 percent, the FBI said October 27.

More than 7,600 hate-crime incidents were cataloged.

Sexual-orientation-based hate crimes were the third most common, after crimes based on race and religion.

The crimes included vandalism, destruction of property, intimidation and assault.

The report was produced from data provided by more than 13,000 law-enforcement agencies that serve about 85 percent of the U.S. population.

Connecticut same-sex marriages could start November 10
Connecticut's Supreme Court officially published its decision legalizing same-sex marriage on October 28.

The move sent the case back to Superior Court in New Haven for 10 days during which the parties can file motions seeking reconsideration of the ruling. It is unlikely the parties will do so.

Once the deadline passes, the Superior Court will issue orders to town clerks and public health departments to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, probably around November 10.

Same-sex marriage also is legal in California and Massachusetts, as well as in Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa and Spain. It will become legal in Norway in January.

Lesbian Huffington Post writer kills wife, self
An openly Lesbian writer for the Huffington Post, Carol Anne Burger, killed her estranged wife, Jessica Kalish, October 29 by stabbing her 222 times with a Phillips screwdriver, police in Boynton Beach, Fla., said.

Burger, 57, then shot herself to death a day later, police said.

The couple had married in Massachusetts in 2005 and were still living together in a house they co-owned, despite Kalish's having dumped Burger more than a year ago and having taken up with a new girlfriend.

Kalish's body was found October 30 in the backseat of her car behind a medical office 2 1/2 miles from the couple's home, the Palm Beach Post said. Kalish was 56.

L.A. Times Trans sportswriter reverts to previous gender
Openly Transgender Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner, who blogged on about his transition to female as Christine Daniels, has reverted to being male and is again going to work as Penner, according to

Sports Editor Randy Harvey told the website: "We're looking forward to Mike's byline appearing in the paper and on the website with increased frequency. He continues to be a valued member of our sports staff."

Penner/Daniels did not return a reporter's call by press time and apparently has not spoken to any other media outlet either.

The Times voice-mail system does not recognize the name "Mike Penner" but does recognize the name "Christine Daniels" and that extension is answered by a female voice.

However, an individual who answered a call to the general number for the sports department confirmed that the extension is the correct one for Penner and said the voicemail system obviously had not been updated.

With assistance from Bill Kelley

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