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Flirty and dirty with José Sarria
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Imperial Sovereign Court's Widow Norton

by Scott Rice - SGN Contributing Writer

You may call him The Nightingale of Montgomery Street. You may call him Empress José I, The Widow Norton. And you may call him simply José. But whatever you do, don't call him a drag queen.

José Julio Sarria is a Queer legend. But first, he is an entertainer. After scrapping plans to become a teacher, S
Assault and robbery - hate crime again on Capitol Hill
by Mike Andrew - SGN Staff Writer

Seattle resident Jay Lewis was assaulted and robbed on Capitol Hill early Sunday morning, February 2. The incident, which Seattle police are investigating as a bias crime, occurred in front of the Capitol Hill IHOP at 950 E Madison Street.

"It was about 2:30 in the morning," Lewis
Babysitting Barack Obama on Seattle's Capitol Hill
by Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson - Special to the SGN

A simple act of kindness confirms President Barack Obama's residence as an infant in 1962 on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

As we were researching the residence of the Capitol Hill apartment that Ann Dunham and her son Barack Obama had lived in 1961 to 1962 - a re
Lawmakers hold hearing on domestic partnerships
by Rachel La Corte

Opponents of granting same-sex couples more rights packed a hearing in Olympia Thursday on a measure that would give domestic partners all of the rights that heterosexual couples have.

The bill would make changes to all remaining areas of state law where currently only married couples are ad
The changing face of the GOP
by Wayne Besen - SGN Contributing Writer

It would be wrong to say that the majority of Republicans are racist. But, it is fair to say that racists have comfortably nested in the GOP for quite some time. Since President Richard Nixon employed his infamous "Southern Strategy," bigots, xenophobes and homophobes have been sought
Faith office
by Jennifer Vanasco - SGN Contributing Writer

Josh DuBois might be called a New Evangelical. He is a Pentecostal pastor (with a master's degree in public affairs from Princeton) who believes Jesus is his personal savior.

But he also seems to put more weight on the social gospel (that is, that Christians should
Seattle Gay History: Johnnie Reynolds from Machias, WA, 1895
by Don Paulson - SGN Contributing Writer

In 1895, Seattle was no longer a backwater town carved out of so-called wilderness and savagery. But many small towns in the PNW were still "in the sticks." A favorite pastime for adults and children was to take a trip to a more sophisticated city like Seattle to shop, attend cultural e
Political IQ: What Gays owe black America
by Diane Silver - SGN Contributing Writer

Judging by the stinging e-mails I've received, some of my fellow white Queers haven't gotten over their post-Proposition 8 anger at African Americans. A faulty exit poll and even worse reporting led some to believe that it was those dastardly blacks who did in same-sex marriage in Calif
A Dyke About Town: Mercy dances and enjoys local shows
by Mercy Moosemuzzle - SGN Contributing Writer

Mercy and Cuteness have been taking a dance class from MaryLee Lykes. MaryLee used to teach swing with Hallie Kuperman, who now runs the Century Ballroom. MaryLee is straight, but many of the students assumed she was a Lesbian because she was so comfortable flirting with Hallie.
The OutField: Michael Irvin makes Gay radio waves
by Dan Woog - SGN Contributing Writer

Dallas' ESPN radio station is male sports heaven. Whether dissecting a disastrous Cowboys play, dissing the Mavericks' latest trade or calling for a coach's castration, 103.3 FM is all-sports, all the time.

Except 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays. That's when listeners hear Dallas
To the Board of Directors, College of Monarchs, General Membership and Community at Large:

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream&" In that historic speech Dr. King delivered a piece of history starting a new way of thinking, making it OK for all people to have dreams and hopes. During my entire caree
Zero to 60: Lincoln MKS AWD
by J.T. Hills
SGN Contributing Writer


  • Excellent all-wheel-drive handling
  • Less expensive than its competitors
  • Well thought out, more
Obama: Don't ask, don't tell, do wait
Boston Globe
1 Feb 09

Obama seeks assessment on gays in military
No rush to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'
By Bryan Bender

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is telling the Pentagon and gay-rights advocates that it will have to study the implications for national security and enlist mor
Beau Breedlove Talks To CBS (Video)
Portland mayor Sam Adams' one-time paramour Beau Breedlove has given his first on-camera interview on the controversy. The state is continuing to consider criminal charges against Adams.

click on link for video interview

What that DOMA ruling means
Los Angeles Times
6 Feb 09

Rulings on gay couples' benefits question Defense of Marriage Act By Carol J. Williams

Brad Levenson and Tony Sears spent Thursday fielding congratulatory calls from gay rights supporters around the nation for their success in getting a federal judge to call into question the lega
Hundreds counterprotest Phelps
Kansas City Star
5 Feb 09

Hundreds of gay rights supporters, including many high school students, responded Thursday to picketing by 14 members of the Westboro Baptist Church outside Shawnee Mission East High School at 75th and Mission Road in Prairie Village.

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