November 11, 2005
Volume 33
Issue 45

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Fundraiser for a film about Lesbian custody cases in the '70's to be held
Fundraiser for a film about Lesbian custody cases in the '70's to be held
Jody Laine and Shad Reinstein are simultaneously involved in two new huge and exciting projects. Recently, they were written up in Curve Magazine (October '05) for the documentary video, titled Mom's Apple Pie, that they are doing with Shan Ottey on Lesbian custody cases and a group of young Seattle Lesbians in the 1970's that changed custody policy nationally for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender parents. It's very exciting and already has quite a buzz going nationally.

The second project is that they bought a warehouse in Columbia City that they will be renovating into offices. (Thanks To Larry Woods Palmer and Frank Percival for their help). Now, Seattle audiences will have the chance to see both of these projects at the same time. On Saturday, Dec. 3, at 7:30 p.m. they are doing a Mom's Apple Pie fundraiser at the new building (5262 Ranier Ave s., Seattle). For only $10, homemade apple pie a la mode will be provided and attendees will get a chance to see the trailer for the documentary.

The 1970s were a heroic time for the Lesbian movement. Women all across the country were doing it for themselves: creating new families, moving into the trades and building community. Among these women were mothers who had come out, divorced and were routinely denied custody of their children. Mom's Apple Pie revisits those early tumultuous years of the Lesbian custody movement. Although 'the best interest of the children' was the theoretical basis of their decisions, judges never awarded custody to Lesbian mothers. Instead, a relative, a grandparent, even an abusive father would be awarded custody.

Mom's Apple Pie chronicles the experiences of three Lesbian mothers and four (now adult) children who went through custody battles in the 1970's. An organization, the Lesbian Mothers National Defense Fund (LMNDF), formed in 1974 to share these burdens and provide some financial assistance. They organized to change the laws in favor of Lesbian mothers. Throughout it all they maintained the motto, "Raising children, bearing children, adopting children is a human right, it's not a heterosexual privilege".

Mom's Apple Pie features interviews with children of Lesbians who were taken away from their mothers, women who both retained and lost custody of their children; a woman who made the difficult decision to flee with her children, rather than be separated from them; members of the Lesbian Mothers National Defense Fund; and experts in the law and Lesbian and Gay history. It has been written up in Curve Magazine and Oprah requested a copy of the promo trailer. This is emerging as an important social and political issue for the Lesbian and Gay communities; in the next few years, five States will be proposing laws that would forbid adoptions by non-biological Lesbian and Gay parents. The results of these law changes will be devastating.

We Three Big Dykes - Jody Laine, Shan Ottey and Shad Reinstein, have been activists in the civil rights and Lesbian and Gay movements since the early 60's. Through our work we have met many ordinary women who, against all odds, have managed to do extraordinary things. We have watched how culture has changed and know that these women's contributions have been significant. We rarely see their work recognized. Now is the time for these stories. We are making documentaries because we are intimately involved in our 'herstory', and know that we must tell these stories. We strive to contribute hope and inspiration to a new generation. We are making it to honor those whose stories we tell.

Anyone interested in LGBT history, parenting, and workers for social change will want to see this video. Anyone who cares for children, their right to be raised by loving parents and those who believe in civil rights should support this video.

For more information about the projects, contact Three Big Dykes Productions

by email at or by phone at 206-783-8188.

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